Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mike Leach calls for Husky vs. Tiger death match in a cage.

Losing the season opener to BYU apparently hasn't stopped Washington State head football coach Mike Leach from being Mike Leach. The Pirate King heard that his Washington counterpart Steve Sarkisian brought a caged tiger on to the practice field sidelines while the Huskies prepared to face LSU this Saturday, and naturally had to comment on it.

“They could have stuck a husky in there with that tiger and let that husky outduel the tiger inside that cage,” Leach said following Cougars practice on Wednesday when asked about Coach Sark’s tactic. “That would send a message to everybody.”

Yes, Mike Leach just went Michael Vick. This is going to make the animal rights activists very irate. Not to mention Sarah McLachlan. But like another LSU related creature, The Honey Badger, Coach Leach just doesn't care. 

This does bring up the question on what would Sarkasian bring onto the practice field sidelines when The Huskies play the Cougars. A live cougar in a cage? A pirate in a cage? Adam James in a plexiglass electrical shed? We'll have to see to find out.

(via Lost Lettermen)