Monday, September 10, 2012

Georgia fans are confused by Mizzou fans' clean old fashioned niceness.

There were a number of Georgia fans that descended on Columbia, Mo for the first meeting of UGA and Missouri as fellow members of the SEC East. What did the members of the Bulldog Nation think about their spanking new Mizzou brethren while tailgating before the Dawgs spanked the Tigers 41-20?  They were  "Too nice,"As Dawg fan Tom Easton put it.

 "I don't think they know what they're getting into,'' Steve Molinari said.

"There's some general confusion,'' Jay O'Meara said. "Everybody's kind of feeling each other out. It's like a first date.''

Not far away, another Georgia fan beneath another red hat, drawing his first conclusions of Missouri.
"I think it'll take a year for them for it to sink in what they're in for,'' Kip Hicks said. "They don't hate us yet. They will soon.''

They have all made the rounds of most other SEC schools, pronouncing LSU the favorite stop, for its frenzy. Missouri is different, they all said. So far.

"We were walking downtown last night and everyone's like, `Welcome, welcome, welcome,' '' Molinari said. "If you were walking in Gainesville, Tuscaloosa or Auburn, no would say that.''

Georgia fans were taken obviously aback by their Missouri host's cordiality.  They probably should be "Rest assured this will not last. Take a turn for the worst, " as R.E.M. put it. Mizzou will figure out the protocol of being obnoxious in the SEC sooner or later.

(via USA Today)