Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ex-Colorado DL calls the Buffaloes ""the worst program in the nation."

via Boulder Daily Camera.

This above image is of Mike McChesney, a former member of the Colorado defensive lineman-turned on-air sports radio personality. And with a name like "McChesney," who else could he be? Seriously, look at that grin on his face, and how can't thoughts of a anti-masculine, jock-sniffing, alleged country music singer not come to mind? Anyhow, that's not why McChesney is making the news. Being cruel to his school, on the other hand, is.

McChesney who played for  Colorado back in 2000-04, decided to drop the hammer on his former team following an 0-3 start to the 2012 season. He's gone so far as to declare it as "the worst program in the nation."  He even doubts that the Buffaloes will even win a game this season.

“I wasn't the best player in the world, and I'm not saying I was,” McChesney said. “I wasn't the best player in the NFL, but I have eyeballs and I was around great players and good coaches, and I've been in successful situations and I've been in situations where we've failed. And I know the difference between effort and quitting, and they quit and that is a direct reflection of the coaching, but in actuality, it's on the kids. These guys have to figure out what's important to them, and if it's not important to the seniors, then how can they ever expect the younger guys to buy in?”

McChesney isn't calling foe CU head football coach Jon Embree, who was an assistant coach at the school when McChesney was on the team. He did, however, throw the Buffaloes' defensive coordinator Greg Brown under the bus, saying that he should be fired.

(via The Boulder Daily Camera. HT: Dr. Saturday)