Monday, September 24, 2012

Colin "Optimus" Klein transforms Kansas St. into contenders.

Kansas St. QB Collin Klein on Saturday night. (Source: The Skiatook Journal)

NFL scouts were at Saturday's Kansas State-Oklahoma game to check out Sooner quarterback Landry Jones. But it was starting quarterback Collin Klein who stole the show, by helping the Wildcats shake the world of college football by defeating  the fifth ranked Sooners 24-19.

Klein has helped make the world take notice of K-State this as Big 12, and possibly even BCS title contenders. While the world may be shocked with Klein's performance, and his improvement from last season, his fellow teammates have taken notice, and have dropped a few nicknames on him.

"People need to quit being surprised by Collin," said K-State wide receiver Chris Harper. "Collin is Collin. He's got these nicknames and they're all true: 'Honey Badger ... Optimus Klein,' whatever you want to call him, it's all true because he's all of that. He can do whatever he wants to do. If he wants to play for K-State basketball and go out there and start, he could do that.

"People who doubt him, just accept what he is, and that's a great athlete."

Someone needs to tell Harper that "Honey Badger has already been taken by some guy named Tyrann Mathieu, and his absence from college football this season doesn't mean that it's available. "Optimus Klein," however is permissible, and appropriate for the on-the-field leader of the Kansas St. offense.

There's no word on the NFL scouts in attendance thoughts on Klein, but the Detroit Lions may want to take a look at "Optimus," should they decide their QB Matthew Stafford needs a good backup next season. They already have Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, after all.

(via ESPN)