Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baylor-inspired "Bears in Black" is uninspiring.

"Bears in black.
They make the sack.
RGIII's gone but Baylor's still back."

This is the kind of thing that one hopes to hear when one hears some Baylor fan or fans delusional enough to believe they have musical talent drop a tribute song to the bears, and titles it "Bears in Black."  Sadly, this isn't the case. It's just another non-inspiring generic rap song that is about as motivational as an in-box full of papers six feet high on a Monday morning.

You would think by now the Bears would inspire at least one song a fan would want to run through a will when hearing it. (If the fan were on his third Jagerbomb of the tailgate, that is.) Sadly this ain't it.

(via Baylor Barbee)