Sunday, September 16, 2012

Arkansas fan would pick Bobby Petrino over legalized local beer sales.

Annus Hawgriblis

As Arkansas auuns hawgribilis continued with  a devastating 52-0 ground-and-pounding from Alabama, it was already clear that things were (and are) not going to get better any time soon for the Razorback football program. With a loss on one side of the embarrassment spectrum form lowly Louisiana-Monroe, and another loss to the Crimson Tide. There was bound to be an meltdown or two bigger than the ones last week.

Calls for Bobby Petrino's return from exile were obvious to come throughout the on-the-field debacles of the past two weeks. What was shocking was the reaction of Razorback fan Michael Remescheid, who claimed when interviewed that he'd give up the chance for the legalization of alcohol sales in nearby Benton County to get Petrino reinstated.

"I'd rather have Petrino," he said Friday. "I can make my own beer."

After that, even an unexpected post-game tongue-lashing from injury-sidelined Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, where he said the team "gave-up" on Saturday, had to take a back seat.

Bobby Petrino over liquor? Heck, even an Alabama fan wouldn't trade the legal sale of alcohol for the chance of having Bear Bryant descend from Heaven to coach the Tide for the rest of all eternity. They're not that crazy in 'Bama.

(via Yahoo! Sports)