Sunday, September 2, 2012

A.J. McCarron - Pimp or Pee Wee Herman?

This was an image of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron pimping a bow tie before the Tide's 41-14 tubthumping of Michigan in the Cowboys Classic Saturday night. Sadly, the image isn't good enough to show off the prepubescent Andrew Luck-esque neckbeard McCarron seemed to be sporting during the Saturday night game.

It does seem that McCarron is trying to steal Georgia QB Aaron Murray's title as the number one  fashion pimp  in the SEC, at least athlete wise*. It's hard to tell though if McCarron's is more Pee Wee Herman than pimp. Or worse - that dude from that .fun band, which would be even more dorkier. I wouldn't be shock if "We Are Young" was blaring on his iPod earbuds.

To be prefectly honest, that bow tie says Ole Miss more than it does 'Bama, for some reason. Maybe if Mccarron sported a crimson blazer with a houndtooth tie, it would have been more Bif Daddy 'Bama QB pimp than Pee Wee Pimp.

(via @SEC_Logo)

*As for the coaches...Derek Dooley, obviously.