Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A.J. McCarron comes clean about his bow tie fetish.

Alabama QB A.J. McCarron before the Alabama-Michigan game.

There were two big questions that the media wanted to know when Alabama starting quarterback A.J. McCarron popped into the Alabama media room after practice on Tuesday afternoon. One was about his right throwing hand, which got stepped on while recovering a fumble during the Tide's victory over Arkansas. "It's good," and "Ready to go," McCarron said. The other was about his disturbing new  off-the-field fascination with bow ties.

McCarron has been spotting wearing the bow ties publicly several times since the season began. He was wearing one when he arrived at Cowboys Stadium before Alabama's dismantling of Michigan. He was more recently spotted wearing one before the Western Kentucky game. 

McCarron went into a little depth about the new bow tie fetish.

"I'm actually getting more and more," McCarron said. "It's actually gotten pretty cool. It's just something. I like doing different things. Everybody wears a tie, so I wanted to try something different.

"Actually, my mom and everybody in my family, that's what they got me for my birthday. I really didn't get to choose what I got. They all got me that. It's definitely been pretty cool, though."
Does he have a favorite?

"I just got a bunch of new ones," McCarron said. "I got a breast cancer bow tie and then a leukemia colored bow tie. I got a bunch of cool ones that we'll see."

As for how McCarron looks with the bow ties, it's a toss-up. It's somewhere between a pimp, Pee Wee Herman, and Chet from the Brooklyn season of MTV's The Real World. In other words, it's a look that can go horribly wrong when not worn appropriately and in the right situation.