Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A shirt celebrating Kansas State beating Oklahoma? Of course there is.

Shirts Without Random Triangles

There three things inevitable in life - death, taxes, and t-shirts celebrating college football team's victories over other college football teams. And the above t-shirt celebrating last Saturday's Kansas State win over Oklahoma is of no exception. Wildcat fans can put this shirt on and party like it cost $19.99, which is exactly the Kansas State's official store website is selling them for.

And while I'm on the subject, here's a memo to Frank Schwab: Stop acting so smug and claiming there are "certain rules" about printing shirts that K-State broke in doing so.

"Now, there has to be certain rules to this. A team that has never been to a bowl game beats a (then) top 10 team? Print those T-shirts. A FCS team beating one of the most historic programs in the sport? Go nuts. Bowl games, championships -- all fair game.

But not a win like this, Kansas State.

This was, for the record, the 18th time K-State has beaten Oklahoma (the Wildcats have lost 71 times to OU, but still). Have a little fun, celebrate the win, maybe even send some taunting texts to that OU fan in your life. But please K-State fans, don't get the shirt. You'll thank us later."

Bull. I've seen enough of these shirts in my lifetime to know that any game is fair game for a game victory t-shirt. Especially if it's a college rival with a little bit of the "entitlement" syndrome. It's called capitalism, Frank. Deal with it.

(via Dr. Saturday)