Monday, August 20, 2012

The WAC to become an ex-college football conference at end of 2012 season.

The Western Athletic conference is throwing in the towel as a college football conference. The 2012 season will be the last for the conference weakened in the past several years by the departures of team like Boise State, Nevada, and Fresno St.

The WAC is not dead – not yet – but inevitably, WAC football is: After 50 years in business, interim commissioner Jeff Hurd confirmed Monday that the Western Athletic Conference will drop football after the upcoming season, officially pulling the plug after two years of steady attrition. With that, the WAC becomes the first Division I conference to call it quits in football since the Southwest Conference dissolved in 1995, and the first casualty of the most recent round of conference realignment.

The WAC will continue as a conference in other college sports, but the remaining schools will have to go find another conference to join, if they already haven't.

(via CBS Sports)