Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Minnesota pulls an Alabama, claims 1904 national championship.

Oh, how cute! Minnesota has decided to pull an Alabama and claim a college football national championship title retroactively. The school has "updated" the Golden Gophers' college football record books to include a title it allegedly won in 1904. Well, actually, it was apparently decided in 1996 by the NCAA that it had won a title in 1904. Minnesota is just getting around to claiming it as its own.

"Turns out the NCAA inserted the centenarian championship into its records book back in 1996, citing historical research by Richard Billingsley, a computer rankings guru. Billingsley has created a retroactive computer ranking for every season going back to 1869.

A Minnesota athletics department staffer finally noticed the change this past winter and updated the school's records accordingly."

This would be Minnesota's seventh "national title. That means Alabama is still in the lead of dubiously claimed titles with 36 14.

(via CBS Sports)