Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Helium shortage ends Nebraska's balloon-releasing tradition.

Image via CFB Section.
Time to panic, America. There's a helium shortage in our country, and it's starting to make life in our country unbearable. This is most true in Nebraska, where the University of Nebraska is being forced to end a 70-year long tradition of releasing red balloons into the skies above Memorial Stadium every home game. 

"Nebraska’s helium provider does not have a supply and will not be able to replenish their supply until late-September or October. Even when the helium provider does replenish their supply the Huskers’ Touchdown Celebration rates relatively low on the priority list below hospital MRI machines and arc welders. It may be years before the areas helium reserves return to normal if ever."

The school has enough helium to fill 2000-2500 balloons for the Sept. 1 home opener agaimst Southern Miss., but that will apparently will be it. It's enough to make Nena, she of "99 Luftballoons" fame cry. 

(via CFB Section)