Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Tentacles: Danny O'Brien, Michigan, and more.

No walk in the woods.
Danny O'Brien, who transferred from Maryland to Wisconsin during the offseason, can expect competition for the job of Badger starting quarterback. (Wisconsin State Journal via The Chippewa Herald)

O brave new world. 
Mark Snyder looks at the changes in Michigan marketing strategy for football since Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon took over in 2010. (The Detroit Free Press)

Meet the new boss.
Illinois begins fall camp under first-year head football coach Tim Beckman. (The Chicago Tribune)

If coach isn't happy, then nobody's happy.
Indiana HC Kevin Wilson isn't happy with the Hoosiers' wide receivers in performance in fall camp. (The Indianapolis Star)

Next Posistion, Please.
Patrick Vint looks at Iowa's offensive line. (Black Heart Gold Pants)


Sinking ship update. 
Pennsylvania high school rising senior wide receiver Will Fuller flips his 2013 Penn State recruiting class commitment to Notre Dame. (The Chicago Tribune)