Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome to the Fallout: BYU, Florida, Baylor recruiting, and more.

 How do rumors get started?
The "BYU to the Big 12" stories are back in play. (Vanquish the Foe)

I Secondary That Emotion.
Robbie Andreu looks at Florida's secondary for 2012, and says it "has the potential to be one of the elite secondaries in college football." (The Gainesville Sun)

Superback, superback, wish I could fly like superback. 
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern superback Tim Riley. (Sippin' on Purple)

Boise State player profile of the day. 
Drew Roberts profiles Boise State wide receiver D.J. Dean. (One Bronco Nation Under God)


What's it all about, Alfred?
Texas high school rising senior safety Alfred Pullom commits to Baylor's 2013 recruiting class. (Our Daily Bears)

More Baylor recruiting news. 
Former Michigan wide receiver Darryl Stonum transfers to Baylor. (Our Daily Bears)