Thursday, July 12, 2012

Uncle Phil's Misguided Children strike again at Vanderbilt.

The big news out of Vanderbilt yesterday was the debut of the Commodores' 2012 uniforms from Uncle Phil's Misguided Children at Nike. The school debuted the unis at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Vanderbilt. (B&N runs the campus bookstore, apparently. Outsourcing, baby.)

The biggest news has been the new alternate white helmet, which joins the regular gold and all black varieties. Vandy has obviously decided to go the Oregon route with all sorts of variations possible. We should probably be thankful that the school didn't go the West Virginia route and add a gray prison gray alternate uniform as well. Which means Vandy fans can still make jokes about Tennessee players not having to change out of their orange unis when they go back to prison without any worry about sounding ironic.

The all-white and all-black unis look good. It's that pale gold with the black shoulders that are the big disappointment. A darker shade of gold closer to the gold tint on the helmet would have been a lot better. Pale gold just doesn't say football.

(via Saturday Down South. HT: Friends of the Program)