Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tyler Bray allegedly throws beer bottles off balcony, damages vehicle windshield.

Mark Richt Derek Dooley has lost control of Tyler Bray.  The Tennessee star quarterback and his roommate have been implicated in one (and possibly two) incidents of damaging vehicles in their apartment complex.

In the first incident, a neighbor, one Bradi Hudson discovered her Ford Special's windshield was cracked, and had also been dented. 

"When Hudon saw the damage, she also found a note on the vehicle that stated, "I know what happened to your car." The note contained the name and phone number for Kirstie Allen, 21, who resides at the Landings.

DeBusk said Allen provided Hudson with the names of Bray and Michael C. Grandinetti, 26, who share an apartment at The Landings, as the people responsible for the damage.

Allen told Hudson that "there had been males drinking and throwing beer bottles and golf balls at her vehicle," according to a police report."

Allen said that Bray and Grandinetti had been "throwing beer bottles off the balcony." (Presumably of the pair's apartment)

Hudson has declined to press charges against Bray, as he has agreed to pay for repairs.

As for Allen, the story gets a little messed up here. As she claims here windshield has been smashed "in retaliation" for reporting the incident.

"Allen went into her apartment Monday to eat lunch about 1:10 p.m., according to the incident report. When she left her apartment about 30 minutes later, she saw that the front windshield of her car had been smashed. She estimated the damages at more than $500.

Allen said an office manager in the apartment complex told her Bray and Grandinetti had been served with an eviction notice just prior to her arriving home for lunch.

DeBusk said because no one witnessed the vandalism to Allen's vehicle, no charges are expected."

The school and Derek Dooley have been notified of the incident.  His Hairness will probably not be amused by the incident. 

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel. HT: Lost Lettermen)