Friday, July 13, 2012

Texas A&M unleashes nondescript uniforms for 2012.

Texas A&M unveiled the uniforms the Aggies will be wearing on the field for their inaugural 2012 season in the SEC on Thursday. The unis are pretty nondescript, save for those stripes on the back of the socks. But once they rip off the jerseys to reveal...


Yes, Aggieman! Strange visitor from another conference who came to the SEC with powers behind those of other footbaall teams. Faster than a speeding collie! More powerful than..., more powerful than...wait, let me get back to you on that one later. Able to leap tall bonfires in a single bound!

Well, maybe not. Seriously, when the compression shirt and the socks are more interesting than the uni or helmet, you know the designers at Adidas didn't really try too hard with this one, Which either says a lot about the company or a lot about Texas A&M.

(via Saturday Down South)