Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Louisiana Tech channels George C. Scott to promote WR Quinton Patton.

Your Ricky Stanzi "America, love it or leave it" moment of the day. 

You're Louisiana Tech. You have a wide receiver named Quinton Patton who has been named to the Biletnikoff Award watch list. What are you going to do to promote him to voters who usually would focus on players from the BCS conferences?

His last name is Patton, so isn't it obvious? You channel George C. Scott, of course.

LA Tech went all out and played the Ricky Stanzi card with a flier playing off the legendary opening monologue of Patton, the 1970 Academy Award for Best Picture biopic of General George S. Patton. The one where Scott, as Patton, says "Americans play to win all the time." Hey, if the player shares the name with the general, just roll with it. And it if people complain, go a little Stanzi and play the  "if you don't love it, leave it!" card as well.

(via Dr. Saturday. Image via The Shreveport Times)