Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arkansas head coach John L. Smith faces bankruptcy over failed land deal.

First-year Arkansas head football coach John L. Smith hasn't been in the job long, and he's already in some hot water. He might have to file for bankruptcy over a failed real estate deal in Kentucky. 

"The Arkansas coach has had to rethink that philosophy in recent years after several of his land deals went bust in Kentucky. Smith told The Associated Press that he is making plans to declare bankruptcy, perhaps during the upcoming season.

''There have been some sleepless nights trying to get this resolved,'' Smith said. ''There comes a point in time where you say 'Enough is enough,' and I want it cleaned up and whatever we have to do, we have to do.''

This must be wonderful news for Arkansas. They fire Bobby Petrino over a sex scandal, now the Razorbacks new HC is smack dab of a financial scandal. Worse, this scandal brings up the spectre of  Bill Clinton (as if the Petrino one didn't already) as it recalls the notorious Whitewater scandal that nipped at the former President's back during his two terms in office. It's not what the either Smith or the school needs this close to the start of the 2012 football season.

(via AP/Yahoo! Sports)