Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Joe Paterno groom's cake? A Joe Paterno groom's cake.

Here is yet another entry for the "Bad groom's cake" department. This was one comes from Darren Rovell's twitter feed. And this one might just be the winner: A Joe Paterno groom's cake.

It's hard to tell which if the worst idea here is the actual concept of a Paterno Cake. The fact it exists, or that Paterno looks like a Muppet. Luckily, this was apparently served at a rehearsal dinner, and not the actual wedding, because this is the sort of thing that would definitely ruin the happiest day of some bride's life. 

It does bring up the absurdity of people who support Joe Paterno even after all that has been revealed. It also gives me the chance to bring up that I sometimes believe the final fate of the Paterno statue at Penn State should be inspired by what Moses did with the Golden Calf in the Bible - burn it, grind it to powder, mix it with water, and make Paterno supporters eat it. (Exodus 32:20) But that's only when stuff like the above happens. Otherwise, Andrew Sharp may have been right in saying that "The best punishment is definitely keeping the statue up."

(via Throw the Flag, @darrenrovell)