Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What the heck is Charlie Weis wearing?

This picture of first-year Kansas head football coach Charlie Weis comes to us from The Lawrence-Journal World. Like any true disciple of Bill Belichick, he proudly wears the rather oversized hoodie. The most shocking thing about this image is what Weis is wearing below the waistline. (Well, that and where his right foot went. It's kind of conspicuous by its's absence there.)

What exactly is that covering Weis' lower body? Flares? Oversized jorts? (He was offensive coordinator at Florida last year, so it would make some sense there.)  Massively quadruple-XL sweatpants? Capri pants from the Classic Rafael Nadal collection? Seriously, those things are disturbing.

Look, I know this is supposed to be a more casual look for Weis, and coaches can't be expected to dress like Jim Tressel 24-7. But seriously, Weis knew there was a camera around. Couldn't he have picked out something that came out of the RocaWear catalog circa 1995? Those things are neither age, size, or gender appropriate.

Well, it could be worse. Kirk Herbstreit way-too-short shorts, anyone? 

(via The Lawrence-Journal World)

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