Monday, June 25, 2012

Todd Graham wants legacy of Pat Tillman to serve as role model for Arizona State players.

Pat Tillman in his days at Arizona State.
Since his hire as Arizona State head football coach last year, Todd Graham has sought to instill a greater level of discipline in the Sun Devil program. In a recent interview, Graham expressed his desire to use the memory of the late ASU legend Pat Tillman to serve as a role model for the team.

Tillman gave up a career in the NFL to join the Army after the events of September 11,2001. He was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2004.

"I believe in passion, man," Graham said. "You can't fake it. Your players will know if you do. Pat was passionate, and he wasn't single-minded. He was passionate about a lot of things. Anything he did he did with passion. Whether it be academics, whether it be anything. And I like that he also had flaws. He made mistakes; he owned up to them. He was a man's man. So the ideals that we're trying to teach to our players, he really is the one person who exemplifies all those things. On the field. In the classroom. In the community. He was just an unbelievable giver."

Graham has reached out to the Tillman family to make sure Pat's memory is respected properly by the program. He plans to have the team participate in next year's Pat's Run, an 4.2 mile run sponsored by the Pat Tillman Foundation, which raises scholarship money for veterans to continue their education in college. 

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