Friday, June 22, 2012

Texas Tech threatens to cancel game to avoid appearance on The Longhorn Network.

If you thought the bitterness in the Big 12 over Texas and The Longhorn Network ended when Texas A&M left, think again. Texas Tech is considering canceling its Sept. 8 road game against Texas State because there's a possibility that it could be broadcast on The Longhorn Network.

"(Texas) Tech learned of this possibility several days ago, and according to the source, is "adamantly opposed to playing on the Longhorn Network" and is "putting serious consideration into canceling the game and playing an 11 game schedule" this fall.

"We are extremely disappointed," the source told RRS. "Our hope is that the Texas State game will be played on a primary ESPN platform."

It seems canceling a game just to avoid it appearing on The Longhorn might be a little extreme, but it shows just how close the Big 12 came to dissolving because of it. It also shows that despite a sense of renewed stability in the conference after the addition of TCU and West Virginia that things only seem calm on the surface.

(via Red Raider Sports/ HT: CBS Sports

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