Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Houston, we have a playoff!

 After years of debate, complaints and gnashing of teeth, FBS/Division I college football finally has a playoff system in place to determine an eventual national champion, or as close as we're going to get to one.

"A four-team playoff for college football has been formally approved by a presidential oversight committee, a dramatic change for the sport that will begin in 2014. The four teams will be chosen by a selection committee, the semifinals will be held at current bowl sites and the national championship game will be awarded to the highest bidder.

The 12-year deal is through the 2025 season."

The semifinals will be played at six rotating bowl sites (presumably the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange, plus two others), with the championship came being separate from the bowls. That presumably means that non BCS-bowl cities, like Atlanta, Dallas, and Jacksonville, can bid to host future championships.

It's not the best scenario, but it's a start. And presumably, if the big four conferences don't try to muscle out the smaller conferences, it will be more legitimate than the BCS ever will be.

(via ESPN)

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