Monday, June 25, 2012

Dana Holgorsen confesses responsibility for West Virginia gray prison football uniforms.

A couple of weeks ago SWRT ran a story about West Virginia jumping on the gray alternate uniform bandwagon. You know the kind of unis that would seem more appropriate to the prison football team in The Longest Yard than for a major college football program?

Well anyway, West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen has taken credit for the idea of making his players look like members of a chain gang. He claims it's because players are attracted to these kind of alternate unis.

"One of WVU's new touches for the fast-approaching football season, which officially begins when players report Aug. 3, is a set of gray uniforms - helmet, jersey and pants. It's a major deviation from the traditional old gold and blue

"It's kind of like Boise State's blue uniforms and blue turf," Holgorsen said.
"We're looking for a home-field advantage."

He's halfway honest. The Mountaineers are looking for an edge, but one that helps secure players to put on the field to begin with. 

"It's a recruiting thing," Holgorsen said. "If you look across the country, we're behind on this. Everyone is going (Nike) Pro Combat. Everyone has three or four new uniforms. We're far from that. It's recruiting. Why is everyone doing it? Because the kids want it. It's television and marketing and the kids get excited about what they can see."

Maybe the players preferred choice of colors could be better.  Then again, it could be worse (hot pink, anyone?), but why young men would want to wear prison gray unis is a rather baffling, and somewhat disturbing, comment on the times.
(via The Charleston Daily Mail)

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