Thursday, June 7, 2012

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Arkansas-Auburn, Florida recruiting, and...Derek Dooley porn?

 October Sky. 
Track 'Em Tigers previews the Oct. 6 Arkansas-Auburn game. (Track 'Em Tigers)

Who Wants to be a Gator?
Lance Davis catches up on Florida recruiting news. (Alligator Army).

Wake Me Up When September  Ends.
Team Speed Kills looks at Tennessee's 2012 schedule, and decides you should know everything you need to know about the Vols in September . (Team Speed Kills)

"Fifty Shads of Bray."
Spencer Hall presents Tennessee Volunteer erotic fiction. Eight-Ball read it.

 His brain melted in seconds. Why you won't be able to function for the rest of the day. (EDSBS)

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