Thursday, June 28, 2012

Charlie Weis recalls Notre Dame buddy Joe Montana.

No, I don't know what happened to Charlie Weis' right foot, either.
Kansas seems loaded for talent for Charlie Weis' first year as the Jayhawks' head football coach. There's quarterback Dayne Crist, left tackle Tanner Hawkinson and pass-rusher Toben Opurum. But Weis knows from his college days as a student at Notre Dame how the the players that go under the radar at the start of the year can be the ones that go on to become legends both in the NCAA and the NFL. Case in point: Weis' roommate in South Bend, Joe Montana.

“To give you an honest story because he was one of my boys since freshman year of college, did you know our senior year he was the third-string quarterback? Rusty Lisch was first, Gary Forystek was second, Joe Montana was third,” Weis said. “That’s true. Our fourth year together, he was third-string quarterback to start off the year.”

In the third game, against Purdue, the speedy Lisch threw multiple interceptions and was pulled in favor of the strong-armed Forystek, who moved the team down the field and suffered a broken collarbone and other injuries. Lisch, Weis remembered, came back in, and threw another pick. That’s when Montana took the job and never gave it back."

That's a story Weis' alleged star players should try to remember when their heads get a little too big for their helmets. In the end, they might not be the ones who make the plays that make history. It'll be someone most people had ever heard of.

(Via the Lawrence Journal-World)

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