Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Heart Old Pants: Is this Iowa's 2012 retro uni?

The location: an anonymous Iowa licensed merchandise retailer. The item in question: a decapitated mannequin featuring what is apparently the alternate "retro" uniform Iowa will wear in its home opener against Iowa State on Sept. 8. This iteration of "Black Heart Old Pants" from Nike is set to honor the Hawkeye team from 1921-22.

The remarkable thing about these recreations of unis of the early 20th century seen in college football and the NFL is how the jerseys of the time had more of a sense of design when compared to the jerseys of the mid-to-late century period. By then, jerseys were uniformly monochrome with white/black numbers and limites styling on the sleves. The early jerseys can seem to have a sense of style and experimentation that even Uncle Phil's Misguided Children seem to have a hard time catching up to.

(via Kegs 'N Eggs, Black Heart Gold Pants)

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