Thursday, June 21, 2012

BCS commissioners agree on playoff system.

Houston, we have a playoff system. Or at least a proposal for one that the BCS conference commissioners can agree on.

"Sources told that under the recommended model, four participating teams would be selected by a committee, which would consider certain criteria such as conference championships and strength of schedule.

The two national semifinal games would be played within the existing BCS bowl games (Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar) on a rotating basis, with the host sites being predetermined before each season. The national championship game would be offered to the highest bidding city."

Translation: The commissioners of the BCS conferences have figured a new way to screw non-BCS conference schools, and probably the Big East as well.

 "The presidential oversight committee, which includes a representative from each of the FBS conferences and Notre Dame, still is expected to discuss multiple models next week, including a plus-one format proposed by presidents from the Big Ten and Pac 12."

Meaning that the presidents could still find a way to complicate things even further. 

Either way, college football is closer to an actual playoff than it ever has been before. It's probably will still find a way to get somebody mad every year in the end, though.

(via ESPN)

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