Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Arkansas Razorbacks learn some table manners.

There are some stories that are so incredible you just don't know where to start digging into them. First-year Arkansas head football coach John L. Smith held an "etiquette dinner" for the Razorback football team to teach them how to eat at the table without acting like they're from, you know, Arkansas.

The most enjoyable part of this exercise is that Smith decided to share the event with the world on Twitter. It's an obvious message that he plans to run a tighter ship in Fayetteville than Bobby Petrino ever could.

Arkansas players learn how to set a table properly.

"Brandon Mitchell and Austin Flynn learning the proper way to set the table at the team etiquette dinner"

"Rohan Gains and Luke Charpentier learning the correct way to get soup from a buffet."

That's right, Dr. Evil knew how proper table etiquette, you should too. 

It's understandable that Smith would want to raise the level of character on the team. One would have to imagine that trivial things like knowing what's difference between the dinner fork and the salad fork were probably not on the radar of either Houston Nutt or Bobby Petrino. Just remember, if a gentleman knows the proper way to dine at the table, he's less likely to land up in a motorcycle accident with someone other than his wife.

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