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Welcome to the Fallout: Isaiah Crowell fallout, Jackson Jefffcoat and Alex Okafor, Nick Saban, and more.

(Welcome to the Fallout is the SWRT off-season weekend wrap-up of college football related news.)

It's just a flesh wound.
Georgia's dismissal of Isaiah Cromwell following the tailback's arrest on gun-related charges Friday shouldn't hurt the Bulldogs' chances of winning the SEC East. Because Bruce Feldman said so. (CBS Sports)

This behavior's not unique. 
Chris White explains that Crowell isn't the only problem that Georgia has had with tailbacks behaving badly. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

The elephant that's still in the room.
More Jerry Sandusky fallout at Penn State. (ESPN)

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
It's the last day for Texas A&M in the Big 12 as it gets ready to officially join the SEC on Sunday. (AP via

Missouri Waltzing out of the Big 12.
It's Missouri's last day in the Big 12 as well, as it's also SEC bound. (AP via

Texas Two-Step.
Mike Huguenin names Texas defensive ends Jackson Jeffcoat and Alex Okafor as the country's best defensive tandem. (Yahoo! Sports)

Let's just pretend I used the obvious Dan Patrick reference here and move on.
The new college football playoff system won't keep Alabama head football coach from leading the Crimson Tide to a college football title. Because Kevin Scarbinsky said so. (The Birmingham News)

Tide rolling in to Hoover.
Alabama will send center Barrett Jones, defensive end Damion Square, and tight end Michael William to represent the Crimson Tide at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Al. on July 19. (

I'm special, so special.
Will Shelton looks at Tennessee's special teams. (Rocky Top Talk)

Stump the Schwab.
Arizona State offensive line coach Bob Connelly believes that Sun Devil offensive lineman Brice Schwab has the potential to be an All-Pac-12 player.  (The Arizona Republic)

The McEvily That Men Do.
Roger Sherman profiles Northwestern defensive tackle Sean McEvily, who is two shakes of a rats tail from being a Harry Potter character. (Sippin' On Purple)

Purdue-due-due, Pur-da-da-da.
Hammer and Rails profiles Purdue offensive tackle Kevin Pamphile. (Hammer and Rails)

Every possible West Virginia uniform combination you could ever hope for.

Thanks to your friends as Wikipedia, here's a handy chart showing every possible West Virginia uniform combination that can be made from the different parts the team's new blue, white, gold, and gray unis. The lards stripes between the fronts and backs of the unis are what the sides look like. The small ones are the front of the helmets.

The best looking of the combos seem to be the one in the top left-hand quarter (blue helmet, blue jersey, gold pants), the ones second to left in the second row (blue helmet, white jersey, blue pants), and the ones fourth from the left in the first row (blue helmet, blue jersey, gray pants). The worst? The first one in the right in the third row (gray helmet, gold jersey, gray pants), the fourth from the left in the third row (blue helmet, gold jersey, gray pants), and of course, the all gray prison uni in the bottom right hand corner.

(HT: The Smoking Musket)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Texas A&M hires rival South Carolina's athletic director.

Texas A&M and South Carolina has only been cross-division rivals for only a couple of months or so, but it's already thrown down the gauntlet in a way no one could have expected. The newest SEC member has gone and bagged the Gamecocks' athletic director, Eric Hyman.

"I am very excited for the opportunity to help transition Texas A&M into the Southeastern Conference," Hyman said. "While this is a tremendous opportunity, the downside is leaving all the dedicated and loyal fans in Gamecock Nation and the best athletic department in the country."

As one one the people who have been the most critical of the idea at Texas A&M becoming an SEC member, even I have to admire this preemptive strike against a rival program a couple of months before the start of college football season. Well played, Aggies.

(via ESPN

Isaiah Crowell is an ex-Georgia Bulldog., the Georgia athletic program's official website, has announced that  Georgia has announced that Isaiah Crowell has been formally dismissed from the football program following his arrest early Friday morning on gun-relatGeorgiaed charges.

"University of Georgia sophomore tailback Isaiah Crowell has been dismissed from the team according to an announcement Friday by Bulldog head coach Mark Richt.

"We have a dedicated and committed group of men who are working hard to prepare for the coming season," said Richt. "Our total focus will be directed toward the team and this effort."

Crowell had been given several chances to clean up his act, but didn't.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Isaiah Crowell, Tyler Bray represents, Barkevious Mingo, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

I fought the law, and the law won. 
The latest news on the arrest of Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell on firearm-related charges. He's reportedly been released on a $6,000 bond. No word if it was Josh-Harvey Clemons who bonded him out, but it's pretty doubtful. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

This behavior's not unique.
Bill King runs down the troubled history of Isaiah Crowell's days at Georgia. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

"Crowell is more trouble than he's worth."
Because Mark Bradley said so. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Mark Richt's new recruiting strategy at Georgia. 
Briefly stated, it's more carpet bombing than strategic strikes. (

I'm 18 and I like it.
LSU defensive end and Name of the Year legend Barkevious Mingo is ranked at no. 18 on The Gainesville Sun's "Top 25 Players in the SEC" countdown. (The Gainesville Sun)

Conspicious by their absence. 
Florida defensive ends Jonathan Bullard and Dante Fowler Jr., and defensive tackle Dante Phillips are absent from the school's Gainesville campus, reportedly for academic reasons. (The Gainesville Sun)

The Final Countdown.
There's only two more days until Missouri and Texas A&M join the SEC. (The Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

Missouri fans need to "step up."
Because Bryan Burwell said so. (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

I'm 18 and...dangit! I already used that once this column! 
Vanderbilt's Sept. 22 road game against Georgia appears on The Gainesville Sun's "Top 25 SEC Games" list at no. 18. That may be the first in the history of both Vanderbilt and the number 18. (The Gainesville Sun)

Send Away the Tigers. 
Auburn will send receiver Emory Blake, defensive end Corey Lemonier and tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen to represent the team at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Al. on July 17-19. (

Alabama Getaway. 
Tennessee star quarterback Tyler Bray, offensive lineman JaWuan James and linebacker Herman Lathers will represent the Volunteers at SEC Media Days in Hoover. (The Knoxville News Sentinel)

A chance to make history?
Ole Miss is investigating playing some historically black college and university teams in future seasons. The Rebels have never played a HBCU college before. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

Ole Miss player profile of the day.
Hugh Kellenberger profiles Ole Miss RB Jaylen Walton. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

Act of futility of the day.
A ballot initiative in Mississippi to reinstate Colonel Reb as the mascot of Ole Miss has failed to get enough signatures to be put up for vote in a statewide election. (Friends of the Program)

Texas A&M freshman QB arrested for alleged fighting, fake ID.

Johnny Manziel's mugshot.
It seems that Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell wasn't the only college football player to have a run-in with the law last night. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was arrested Friday morning by College Station, Tx. police on charges allegedly resulting from a fight.

"College Station police said an officer was on bicycle patrol in the Northgate entertainment district about 2 a.m. Friday when he noticed two men fighting. Police said a group of people were at the intersection of Church Avenue and First Street surrounding the men who were throwing punches.
Police said after they stopped the fight, officers asked Manziel for identification, and he handed them an ID that stated he was 21 years old.

He’s 19 years old.

Police said he did not look 21 years old, and when asked his age on several occasions, he kept confusing the year he was born. Police said a short time later officers found two other driver’s licenses, one fake and one real, in Manziel’s wallet."

You can figure what happened next. Manziel has been charged with misdemeanor "disorderly conduct by fighting," and " failure to identify and for having a fake driver’s license." Worse yet, his mugshot gets him extra redneck points for being taken shirtless. Never a good sign there. 

Manziel, a freshman,  was reportedly being "considered an option for the Aggies’ starting quarterback role" this season. It looks more like he's going to be spending time in Revelie's doghouse.

Big Tentacles: Denard Robinson tops the charts, Northwestern, and more.

 (Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten, its sway over the college football landscape and that school in South Bend it not-so-secretly covets.)

Least shocking news of the day.
Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson tops The Daily Gopher's list of the top quarterbacks in the Big Ten. (The Daily Gopher)

Pushing the envelope.
Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon talks about the innovations to the Wolverines' football schedule made under his watch, such as the first-ever night game at the Big House in 2011 against Notre Dame and this year's matchup against Alabama at Cowboys Stadium. Well, at least they're innovative for Michigan, at least. (The Detroit Free Press)

Sign your name across my heart.
There's a petition going around to make the  Oct 20 Michigan State-Michigan game at the Big House a night game. (

It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine. 
The news that Michigan will play its first-ever Thursday night game against Utah in 2015 is declared a "Sign of the Apocalypse." That Mayan Calendar thing must be off a few years then (Holdin' the Rope)

Men on Wildcats. 
MGoBlog takes a look at Northwestern, from a Michigan point of view. (MGoBlog)

As Good As It Gets? 

Mike Huguenin wonders if Northwestern has "plateaued" as he previews the 2012 Wildcats. (Yahoo! Sports)

Northwestern player profile of the day.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern defensive lineman Connor Mahoney. (Sippin' on Purple)

Fear of a Fighting Illini Coach. 
Beware of first-year Illinois head football coach Tim Beckman. Because Alex Gleitman said so. (Eleven Warriors)

Tim on a stick. 

Kyle Rowland interviews first-year Ohio State fullbacks/tight ends coach Tim Hinton. Highlights include Hinton's recollections on his longtime friendship with his boss, Buckeye head football coach Urban Meyer. (Eleven Warriors)

Learning curve. 
Iowa Director of Athletics Training Services Terry Noonan discusses changes made to the football strength and conditioning program following 13 players developing rhabdomyolyis followng an intensive training session in January of 2011. (USA Today)

Hitchens a Ride.
Mark Morehouse profiles Iowa linebacker Anthony Hitchens. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)


Purdue recruiting news.
Ohio high school rising senior Jake Replogle commits to Purdue's 2013 recruiting class. (Hammer and Rails)

UGA running back Isaiah Crowell arrested on weapons-related charges.

Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell has been arrested by the Athens-Clarke County Police on weapons-related charges. He allegedly brought a weapon (unnamed in the report, but probably some kind of firearm) into a school zone, which is a no-no in Georgia (amazingly).

"Crowell was charged by ACC Police on a felony count of weapon in a school zone, a felony count of altered ID mark and misdemeanor count of possession/carrying a concealed weapon. He was booked at 3:37 a.m. and bond was set at $7,500."

So much for Mark Richt's quiet summer in Athens. Just when he thought Crowell's discipline issues were over, this had to happen.

UPDATE (9:17 EST) : The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Crowell has been "immediately suspended"  by UGA, per school policies.

(via The Red and Black)

ASU coach Todd Graham's war on player individuality continues.

ASU Coach Todd Graham thinks you're a slacker.
It looks like first-year Arizona State drill sergeant head football coach Todd Graham's looking to kick his plans to improve team unity and discipline up another notch. This pretty much includes stripping away any sign of player individuality that NCAA rules will let him get away with.

Previously, he's banned Sun Devil players from wearing anything other than team-approved "black shorts, white socks and gray T-shirts"in the weight room. This goes along with a ban on hats, earrings and headphones in the ASU's Carson Student-Athlete Center.

Now it looks as Graham is looking to strip the team of even more signs of individuality on Game Day Saturdays, as the school is working on tweaking the Game Day experience for home games. Graham's latest idea is to have players dress alike for the pregame walk to Sun Devil Stadium.

"ASU's traditional pregame walk into the stadium will go through Wells Fargo Arena, where students and fans can escape the heat before kick-off. The band will play. Players will carry miniature footballs they can hand out to children. The team likely will be dressed the same. Graham's threads of choice: Gold blazers." 

Not that there's anything wrong with this. ASU was accused of letting discipline slack on and off the field during the tenure of former Sun Devil coach Dennis Erickson. So, it's a pretty strong sign that Graham and the school don't want to see that happen again.

Just a suggestion to any ASU players reading this: just plan to make a trip to the barber shop before pre-season training camp starts and get a buzzcut, the shorter the better. Just go ahead and tell the barber to use a number one guard. That's where things look like they're going for you right now. Coach Graham will probably still think you're hair's too long, though.

(via The Arizona Republic)

Unquiet on the Western Front: Mike Leach and Rich Rodriguez on playoffs, recruiting, and more.

(Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)
A Pirate Looks at Playoffs. 
Washington St. head football coach Mike Leach on the new playoff system: "Five years ago there wasn't even dialogue about a playoff. Instead of diving in the water, they dipped their toes in. I think it's' going to be ridiculously exciting and it's going to generate a bunch of money. I wish they dived in." (The Eugene Register-Guard)

You're not the only one with mixed emotions. 
Arizona HC Rich Rodriguez chimes in on playoffs as well: ""I may be in the minority. I think we had a pretty good thing going," Rodriguez told the AP. "If it stays at four I think it will be fine. Think it will be pretty exciting." (The Eugene Register-Guard)

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be.
Despite attempts to preserve the traditional rivalry between the Pac-12 and the Big Ten, the Rose Bowl will lose its significance as being the ultimate goal of the Pac-12 schools in the new playoff system. Because Avinash Kunnath said so. (Pacific Takes)

Let's Stay Together. 
The Rose Bowl signs an extension to its deal with ESPN which will keep the bowl on the WWL until 2026. (AP via The Oregonian

Keep hope alive.
BYU HC Bronco Mendenhall wants the annual BYU-Utah rivalry to continue, but says the future of the game ball is in the Utes' court." (The Deseret News)

Hey Porter!
Arizona State running backs coach Larry Porter is eager to finally be able to have all his running backs healthy and on the practice field. (The Arizona Republic)

Making Game Day even more Game Day-ier. 
Arizona State is looking at several proposals to improve the Game Day experience for both fans and players. Ideas include adding grassy areas for tailgating inside Sun Devil Club Plaza, and having former ASU players line up just outside the Tillman Tunnel which links the locker room to the field in Sun Devil Stadium. (The Arizona Republic)

So Important to Me.
Brad Denny gives his list of ASU's "5 Most Important Games of 2012." The in-state rivalry game between ASU and Arizona on November 23 comes out on top. (House of Sparky)

Boise State player profile of the day.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise State offensive guard Brenel Myers. (One Bronco Nation Under God)
The other Boise St. player profile of the day.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise St. offensive lineman Adam Sheffield. (OBNUG)

 Come on to the Future. 
Colorado adds a home game with Grambling State in 2015, and a road trip to Michigan in 2016 to its future schedules. (The Denver Post)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Oregon State adds a road trip to Michigan in 2015. (Building the Dam)


Ray of Light. 
California high school rising senior tight end Ray Hudson commits to Cal's 2013 recruiting class.(California Golden Blogs)

Huskies go JUCO. 
California JUCO cornerback Brandon Bagley signs with Washington State for 2012. (CougCenter)

Boise State recruiting news.
California HSRS tight end Mat Boesen commits to Boise State's 2013 recruiting class. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Trey Burton in Africa, C.J. Mosely, recruiting, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

Don't mess with a missionary man. 
Florida running back Trey Burton, along with brother Clay ( Florida tight end), are in Africa on a mission trip with Gator men's basketball team members Will Yeguete and Patric Young. (Bourbon Meyer)

O brave new world, that has such teams in't.
Team Speed Kills looks at the radically different landscape of Florida's 2012 season. It includes facing both new members of the SEC, Texas A&M and Missouri, and playing Vanderbilt and South Carolina in the middle of the schedule as opposed to near the end. (Team Speed Kills)

About that South Carolina-Florida game...
The Gamecocks Oct. 20 trip to The Swamp to face the Gators lands at no. 19 on The Gainesville Sun's "Top 25 SEC Games List." (The Gainesville Sun)

Hey Nineteen. 

Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosely lands on The Gainesville Sun's "Top 25 Players in the SEC" list at no. 19. (The Gainesville Sun)

Trying to get a piece of the action. 
The Atlanta Sports Council, which oversees the Chick-fil-A Bowl, plans to make a push for a spot in the new college playoff rotation. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before. 
Georgia 2012 signing class member John Atkins (defensive lineman) may be facing some eligibility issues. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

October Sky.
Track 'Em Tigers previews Auburn's Oct. 20 road trip to Vanderbilt. (Track 'Em Tigers)

Break it Down Again.
Freddie Vickers breaks down Ole Miss's 2012 team, which is trying to rebound from a disastrous 2011 season with first-year head football coach Hugh Freeze. (Southern Pigskin)

A slight change of plans. 
Mississippi State dumps Mississippi Valley State as its 2013 season opener due to the latter school not being able to meet to the NCAA's scholarship requirements. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

And here's to you, Mr. Robinson.
Brandon Marcello profiles Mississippi St. offensive tackle Damien Robinson. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)


Kentucky recruiting news.
Florida high school rising senior defensive back Blake McClain commits to Kentucky's 2013 recruiting class. (Wildcat Blue Nation)

Ole Miss recruiting news.
Georgia HSRS tight end Evan Engram commits to Ole Miss' 2013 recruiting class. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

Vanderbilt recruiting news.
Florida HSRS wide receiver Brandon Walker commits to Vanderbilt's 2013 recruiting class. (The Orlando Sentinel)

Big Tentacles: Notre Dame, Ohio State, Iowa, and more.

Let's Make a Deal? 
Notre Dame ponders whether it should continue in it's current deal with NBC, or to strike a new one with the Peacock Network. (The Chicago Tribune)

The new playoff system will not help the Big Ten.
Because Drew Sharp said so. (The Detroit Free Press)

Food Glorious Food. 
Off Tackle Empire Wisconsin "potluck" combines a roundtable on the Badgers with foods with more cheese than necessary. (Off Tackle Empire)

A Few Small Repairs.
Iowa is upgrading it's football facilities, beginning with a soon-to-be-completed indoor practice facility. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Iowa player profile of the day. 
Marc Morehouse profiles Iowa guard Matt Tobin. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

On the offense. 
Alex Gleitman looks at Ohio State's 2012 offensive line. (Eleven Warriors)


Running Up That Hill
South Carolina rising senior defensive tackle Michael Hill commits to Ohio State's 2013 recruiting class. (The Columbus Dispatch)

Drake Harris is two things.
HSRS football and basketball athlete Drake Harris commits to Michigan State's 2012 recruiting class. (The Detroit Free Press)

If SEC teams were Queen songs.

Why compare the SEC to Queen? Because both tend to be a blend of power, farce, and drama. For every "We Will Rock You," there's a frothy piece like "A Kind of Magic." So the comparison fits better than expected. 

Alabama - "Princes of the Universe"
Yeah, I know what you're thinking. You were expecting "We Will Rock You"/"We Are the Champions," which would have been the obvious choice. The truth is, even that double-sided one-two punch can't even properly define the level of dominance, swagger, and entitlement that is Alabama. This track originally written for the Highlander soundtrack  has that and them some.  "Princes of the Universe" is for those who ready for battle and expect to dominate. "We Will Rock You" is for the folks on the sideline watching.

Texas A&M - "I Want to Break Free"
There isn't a better song to describe Texas A&M and it's longtime struggle to get out of big brother Texas' shadow. Of course, it's also the perfect song for a school whose Corps of Cadets has an disturbing level of latent underlying homoeroticism, bit that's neither here nor there.

Georgia - "Another One Bites the Dust"
Is there another college football team in the country that always seem to blow it when its almost at the top of the mountain? Well, maybe Boise State the past couple of years, but this is about the SEC, dangit. Anyhow, you can imagine this song going through the head of a Bulldog fan at some point during the season when Mark Richt seems to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Arkansas - "The Show Must Go On"
With all the crap that's happened to Arkansas in the past few months with Bobby Petrino, a song about trying to persevere through hard times is perfect for the Razorbacks.

Tennessee - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
A young man cries to his mother that he's already blown his chance in life before it even started. Sound familiar? Place Derek Dooley and big mama Barbara in those slots, and you get an idea of what kind of situation His Hairness in at Knoxville right now.

South Carolina - "I Want It All"
This song does make one think of Steve Spurrier, and his attitude toward winning on the field, doesn't it?

Ole Miss -"Somebody to Love"
Ole Miss tends to be the red-headed step child of the SEC for some reason. It's always looks for respect, but never finds it.

Florida - "Under Pressure"
Will Muschamp on the hot seat? Maybe, and maybe not. But with the Gators not living up to expectations following the end of the Tebow era, there's an absolute need to rebound this year. If Georgia manages to do the impossible and beat Florida two years in a row (not that anybody is holding their breath thinking that would actually happen), you can expect Muschamp to be compared more and more to Ron Zook than Spurrier or Urban Meyer. 

Mississippi State - "Radio Gaga"
There always seems to be some kind of chatter going on about Mississippi St. But in the end it all can sound rather meaningless.

Missouri - "Now I'm Here"
They're the new guys, so it's self-explanatory. 

Auburn - "Hammer to Fall" 
Auburn always does feel like it's one step away from getting slammed for one kind of NCAA violation or another. It's got the Cam Newton situation that sits like a Sword of Damocles ready to shatter it's long sought-after BCS title.

Vanderbilt - "It's a Hard Life"
Vandy is the punching bag of the SEC. Maybe that can change under James Franklin, but I'm not counting on it.

Kentucky - "The Invisible Man"
Kentucky never seems to really be there as an SEC school. Heck, even as a basketball school it feels like it should be more of an ACC or Big East team. 

LSU - "I'm Going Slightly Mad"
Les Miles. Nuff said.

Dancing in the Ruins: The Cotton Bowl, recruiting news, Notre Dame expansion speculation, and more.

(Dancing in the Ruins is SWRT's regular look at the new Big XII Conference that's rising out of the ruins of the old one.)

Back in the Saddle Again?
The Cotton Bowl seeks a renewed level of relevancy and financial success as a possible part of the new college football playoff system You can probably expect the Bowl's move to Cowboys Stadium will give it a leg up on the competition. (Crimson and Cream Machine)

The last, best hope?
Interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas believes Notre Dame is the only school that would  “enhance the Big 12 value for television.” (The Oklahoman)

Kansas State profile of the day.
Bring on the Cats profiles Kansas State offensive lineman and Rimington Trophy candidate B.J. Finney. (Bring on the Cats)

Thank you, Sir. Can I have another?
Bring on the Cats profiles Kansas St. OL Matt Kleinsorge. (Bring on the Cats)

Red Raider JUCO's
Double-T Nation looks at Texas Tech's JUCO signees. (Double-T Nation)

Comedy is Not Pretty.
Wide Right & Natty Lite looks at the schedule of a mythical West Virginia cable network featuring shows like "Will It Burn?" The title of which should be self-explanatory. (Wide Right & Natty Lite)


What can Brown do for you?
Florida high school rising senior running back Tyler Brown commits to Iowa State's 2013 recruiting class. (The Ames Tribune)

Noteboom goes the dynamite! 
Texas HSRS offensive lineman Joesph Noteboom commits to TCU's 2013 recruitting class. (Frogs O' War)

Charlie Weis recalls Notre Dame buddy Joe Montana.

No, I don't know what happened to Charlie Weis' right foot, either.
Kansas seems loaded for talent for Charlie Weis' first year as the Jayhawks' head football coach. There's quarterback Dayne Crist, left tackle Tanner Hawkinson and pass-rusher Toben Opurum. But Weis knows from his college days as a student at Notre Dame how the the players that go under the radar at the start of the year can be the ones that go on to become legends both in the NCAA and the NFL. Case in point: Weis' roommate in South Bend, Joe Montana.

“To give you an honest story because he was one of my boys since freshman year of college, did you know our senior year he was the third-string quarterback? Rusty Lisch was first, Gary Forystek was second, Joe Montana was third,” Weis said. “That’s true. Our fourth year together, he was third-string quarterback to start off the year.”

In the third game, against Purdue, the speedy Lisch threw multiple interceptions and was pulled in favor of the strong-armed Forystek, who moved the team down the field and suffered a broken collarbone and other injuries. Lisch, Weis remembered, came back in, and threw another pick. That’s when Montana took the job and never gave it back."

That's a story Weis' alleged star players should try to remember when their heads get a little too big for their helmets. In the end, they might not be the ones who make the plays that make history. It'll be someone most people had ever heard of.

(Via the Lawrence Journal-World)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bro Canada! Stephen Garcia signs with CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

Stephen Garcia fans rejoice! Arguably the greatest Bro quarterback ever to be kicked out of the South Carolina Gamecocks football program has found a home with the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

"The announcement, made on the team's Facebook page, was simple: "Quarterback Stephen Garcia has been added to the Alouettes roster. Details to come."

Garcia was in Montreal at the end of May during the team's mini-camp."

Garcia was looking at a future outside of football after being passed over in the 2012 NFL Draft. Well, multiple suspensions and issues with adult beverages will do that to you. In fact, Garcia was even thinking about joining the military at one point.

Hopefully Garcia's football career in the Great White North won't be as short as that other Bro QB Tate Forcier, who was cut by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats after a disastrous pre-season appearance. Hopefully Garcia will be able to show why he gave Gamecock fans a lot of thrills on the gridiorn in Canada, and not any of the drama that made them (and Steve Spurrier) wince.

(via WIS)

Big Tentacles: Kirk Ferentz on recruiting, Bret Bielema, and...RAMMSTEIN? ,

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten, its sway over the college football landscape and that school in South Bend it not-so-secretly covets.)

Something like a phenomenon.

Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz describes the nine-day surge in commitments to the Hawkeyes' 2013 recruiting class as being "driven by the recruiting industry right now. The awareness for younger people, it’s continually growing.” (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

I've seen the future, and it will be.
Michigan releases scheduling information on its nonconference opponents for 2014-2016. It includes a rematch against Appalachian State in 2014, and games against Pac-12 members Utah and Oregon State in 2015. The school also announces a two-year hiatus for the annual rivalry game against Notre Dame in 2018-2019. (The Detroit Free Press)

Taylor Made. 
Maize n Brew profiles Michigan left tackle Taylor Lewan. (Maize n Brew)

Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers.
Off Tackle Empire profiles Wisconsin HC Bret Bielema and his coaching staff. (Off Tackle Empire)

Lay it on the Line. 
Nathan Palm looks at Wisconsin's offensive line for 2012. (Bucky's 5th Quarter)

Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Kyle Rowland looks at Ohio State's 2012 offensive line. (Eleven Warriors)

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. 
Marc Morehouse profiles Iowa fullback Brad Rogers. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Hungry Like the Red Wolf. 
Corn Nation looks ahead to Nebraska's Sept. 15 home game against Arkansas State and the Red Wolves' first-year HC Gus Malzhan. (Corn Nation)

Secondary considerations. 
Inside Northwestern looks at the Wildcats' secondary. (Inside Northwestern)

Northwestern player profile of the day. 
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern offensive lineman Patrick Ward. (Sippin' on Purple)

The Peters Principle.
Hammer and Rails profiles Purdue center Peters Drey. (Hammer and Rails)


O Danny Boy. 
Washington high school rising senior Danny Mattingly commits to Notre Dame's 2013 recruiting class. (The Chicago Tribune)

Illinois recruiting news. 
Ohio HSRS defensive end Dawuane Smoot commits to Illinois' 2013 recruiting class. (The Chicago Tribune)

I Will Darron.
Ohio HSRS athlete Darron Lee commits to Ohio State's 2013 recruiting class. (The Columbus Dispatch)

Zach Attack!
Maryland HSRS OL Zach Bradshaw commits to Penn State's 2013 recruiting class. (The Philadelphia Daily News)


Du. Du hast. Du hast mich. Du hast Michigan State. 
Michigan State will play UConn in front of the troops stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany on November 9.  (The Only Colors)


Golden Oldies.
Black Heart Gold Pants look back at Iowa wrestling coach Tom Brands' gold medal winning performance during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Dan Mullen, Zach Pike, Sean Porter, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

The Queen is Dead (weel, almost)
Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen reacts to the announcement of the college football playoff system that begins in 2014. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

Who watches the Watchmen? 
John Carvalho looks at the media scrutiny of Auburn quarterback Zeke Pike following his arrest on charges of public intoxication, and finds it a little overbearing. (

Hey Porter. 
The Gainesville Sun's "Top 25 Players in the SEC hits the top 20 with Pat Dooley's profile of Texas A&M outside linebacker Sean Porter. (The Gainesville Sun)

Games Without Frontiers.
The Gainesville Sun's "Top 25 SEC Games" list also hits no. 20 with the Sept. 8 meeting of Washington and LSU. (The Gainesville Sun)

Yes, The Gainesville Sun is list-crazy.
Georgia QB Aaron Murray tops Robbie Andreu's list of the top SEC QB's to face Florida in the 2012 season. Missouri's James Franklin and Tennessee star QB Tyler Bray round out the top three on the list. (The Gainesville Sun)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
John Clay gets on the list bandwagon and ranks Kentucky's opponents in 2012 by level of importance. The Sept. 2 season-opening road trip against in-state rival Louisville tops the list. (The Lexington Herald-Leader)

I'll take 'Things that even duct tape can't fix for $500," Alex.
Bill King takes a look at Georgia's attempts to solve its special teams issues. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Rocky Mountain High comes to Rocky Top.
Colorado high school rising senior OL Dan Skipper commits to Tennessee's 2013 recruiting class. (Rocky Top Talk)

The Larenz Attractor.
North Carolina HSRS linebacker Larenz Bryant commits to South Carolina's 2013 recruiting class. (Garnet and Black Attack)

The Prototype.
Paul Crewe comes up with the "The Prototypical LSU OL Recruit" that Tiger head football coach Les Miles is looking for. (And the Valley Shook)

A Few Small Repairs.
Missouri announces a $200 million dollar plan to renovate the Memorial Stadium and other athletic facilities on campus in order to compete with other schools in the SEC. (The Kansas City Star)

This is for the questions that don't have any answers. 
T. Kyle King asks the immortal question "Where Does SEC Pride End and Heated Rivalry Begin?"(Dawg Sports)

Depth perception.
Christian D'Andrea looks at the Vanderbilt depth chart at receiver. (Anchor of Gold)

That Big East Roundup: Recruiting, player profiles, and...Ramstein?

Blue Monday. 
Georgia high school rising senior defensive back Demertius Monday commits to Cincinnati's 2013 recruiting class. (Down the Drive)

They Call Me Bruce.
Florida HSRS defensive tackle Bruce Hector commits to South Florida's 2013 recruiting class. (Voodoo Five)

South Florida player profile of the day.
Ken DeCelles profiles South Florida offensive tackle Max Lang. (Voodoo Five)

Zian Jones and me tell each other fairy tales. 
Sean Keeley profiles Syracuse DT Zian Jones. (Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician)

Hard Broyld. 
Matt McClusky profiles Syracuse quarterback Ashton Broyld. (TNIAAM)

Pumped Up Kicks. 
Pennsylvania HSRS punter Ryan Winslow commits to Pitt's 2013 recruiting class. (Cardiac Hill)


Du. Du hast. Du hast mich. Du hast Michigan State. 
UConn will play Michigan State in front of the troops stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany on November 9. (The UConn Blog)

David Pollack lands Craig James old job at ESPN.

David Pollack(right, in shorts) with Jason Seahorn.
Congratulations are in order for  former Georgia Bulldog legend and ESPN analyst David Pollack, whom the WWL has tapped to replace the never-popular Craig James on its Thursday night college football broadcasts. He's described by ESPN coordinating producer Ed Placey as being "a playful antagonist," which is a pretty ambiguous description in the hands of a WWL employee.

Pollack has certainly come a long way since his days as a linebacker in Athens, where he and his roommate, UGA quarterback David Greene, became arguably the most beloved players behind Hershel Walker in recent Bulldog history. His career in the NFL playing for the Cincinnati Bengals was cut short after suffering a neck injury in a game against the Cleveland Browns. (Which is enough reason for me to hope Cleveland never, EVER, Ever gets to the Super Bowl). His career in sports broadcasting began at 790 The Zone in Atlanta, and led to his current gig with ESPN in 2009.

Pollack will be joined by his Palmer & Pollack partner Jesse Palmer and Reese Davis in the broadcast booth. 

(via USA Today)

Unquiet on the Western Front: Mike Leach's celebrity, Lane Kiffin, playoff announcement fallout, and more.

(Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)

Mike Leach's Celebrity Skin. 
Bryan Floyd looks at the celeberity status of first-year Washington State Mike Leach. (CougCenter)

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kiffin!
Michael Weinreb gives USC head football coach Lane Kiffin a profile as only Grantland can provide, complete with obligatory footnotes. (Grantland)

USC will benefit from the new playoff system. 
Because Joey Kaufman said so. (Pacific Takes)

Least shocking news of the day.
The BCS shoots down the Mountain West conference's big for automatic qualifier status. (The Idaho Statesman)

All is not lost.
Boise State chances for that elusive "national title" are still alive with the new playoff deal. Because Brian Murphy said so. (The Idaho Statesman)

There's a possibility, but no chance. 
One Bronco Nation Under God makes an argument for why Boise St. should stay in the MWC. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Paradis By the Dashboard Light.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise St. OL Matt Paradis. (OBNUG)

Boise State player profile no. 2.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise St. offensive lineman Steven Baggett. (OBNUG)

Take it to Eubank.
Brad Denny interviews Arizona State quarterback Michael Eubank, who is in a three-man competition for the Sun Devil starting QB job with Mike Bercovici and Taylor Kelly. (House of Sparky)

ASU recruiting news. 
Arizona high school rising senior tight end Grant Martinez commits to Arizona State's 2013 recruiting class. (The Arizona Republic)

The high cost of losing.
The five-game losing streak that marred ASU's 2011 season possibly cost the school "a figure well into seven figures" according to a now-former ASU associate athletics director. (The Arizona Republic)

Wogan's Run.
North Carolina HSRS punter Matt Wogan commits to Oregon's 2013 recruiting class. (The Oregonian)

Pac-12 commissioner mocks Big-12 and SEC out of conference scheduling.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott took some time during a radio interview to take some jabs at the at-times lackluster out of conference scheduling of Big 12 and SEC schools, while boasting of the Pac-12's more superior OOC schedule.

"Listening to some of my colleagues that have served on the men's basketball committee and realized we have a better chance as a Pac 12 conference to get a fair shake for the fact that we play a nine game conference schedule, the fact that USC and Stanford play Notre Dame, the fact that we play tough out of conference competition, tougher than the SEC or what the Big 12 is doing, and there's a chance that humans can give us credit for the strength of schedule and credit for what it takes to be the champion of the Pac 12 conference the way that polls and computers cannot."

It seems Scott is trying to start up a little snark-fest right after the BCS conferences finally got on the same page and came up with a playoff system. Certainly, it's his right to pimp his own conference and it's schools' strength of schedules. Of course out-of-conference scheduling is handled on the individual school level, so OOC stregnth of schedule can vary from year to year. But how well does Scott's argument hold up?

 Yes, USC and Stanford both have Notre Dame on the schedule. At least until 2016, which currently is the last year ND shows up on the Trojans' schedule, though that will probably be extended.  Stanford's current deal with ND ends in 2019. While SEC schools can go a little heavy on the small-time opponents, several schools have annual out of conference rivalries with out-of-conference schools that are on Notre Dame's level or greater (though that isn't saying much as it used to). Florida plays Florida State, Georgia plays Georgia Tech, and South Carolina plays Clemson. True, those are all in-state rivalries, but most SEC schools aren't lucky enough to have their main in-state rivals in-conference like most Pac-12 schools. (Alabama and Auburn notwithstanding)

As for the Big 12 schools, Texas and Oklahoma definitely aren't hiding from anybody. Texas'  schedule, for example,  is somewhat loaded with better-than-cupcakes in the next few years. It  currently has Ole Miss scheduled for 2012 & 2013, BYU in 2013 & 2014, and (hold on to your seat, Larry) Notre Dame in 2015 & 2016. Oh, and the Longhorns have Cal scheduled for 2015 & 2016 as well. Not to mention USC in 2017 and 2018. Not too shabby there. Oklahoma's schedule is has some pretty impressive OOC opponents in the next few years as well.

The Pac-12 has that agreement to schedule Big Ten schools coming up. If that works out (re: makes money hand over fist) you can expect the SEC to go looking to pair up with another conference to keep up, perhaps even with the Big 12. Scott will probably take credit for that as well.

(via Pacific Takes)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Houston, we have a playoff!

 After years of debate, complaints and gnashing of teeth, FBS/Division I college football finally has a playoff system in place to determine an eventual national champion, or as close as we're going to get to one.

"A four-team playoff for college football has been formally approved by a presidential oversight committee, a dramatic change for the sport that will begin in 2014. The four teams will be chosen by a selection committee, the semifinals will be held at current bowl sites and the national championship game will be awarded to the highest bidder.

The 12-year deal is through the 2025 season."

The semifinals will be played at six rotating bowl sites (presumably the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange, plus two others), with the championship came being separate from the bowls. That presumably means that non BCS-bowl cities, like Atlanta, Dallas, and Jacksonville, can bid to host future championships.

It's not the best scenario, but it's a start. And presumably, if the big four conferences don't try to muscle out the smaller conferences, it will be more legitimate than the BCS ever will be.

(via ESPN)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Zeke Pike, Da'Rick Rogers, Aaron Murray, and more.

The Varsity in Atlanta. A tradition unlike any other.
(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

I got 99 problems...
Kevin Scarbinsky explains why Auburn's freshman quarterback Zeke Pike's decision to return home for the summer following an arrest for public intoxication is good for a program that doesn't need any more distractions right now. (The Birmingham News)

Road trippin'.
Auburn's Sept. 8 road trip to Mississippi State is named by The Gainesville Sun as the 21st best game on the SEC 2012 schedule. (The Gainesville Sun)

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
Tennessee wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers is the 21st best player in the SEC. Because The Gainesvile Sun said so. (The Gainesville Sun)

Mr. Roger's Neighbors.
Will Shelton looks at the Tennessee depth chart at wide receiver behind Rogers. (Rocky Top Talk)

The Graduate.
Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, who graduated in May with an undergraduate degree in Psychology will pursue a doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the fall while trying to lead the Bulldogs to a second SEC East divisional title in a row. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

On the Origin of Championships. 
Bryan Powers looks at the evolution of the 2011 Alabama football team from week one to the BCS title game. (

Pease, Pease, Pease, Let Me Get What I Want. 
Team Speed Kills previews Florida's offense in 2012 under new offensive coordinator Brent Pease.(Team Speed Kills)

Are We There Yet?
Team Speed Kills looks to see if Mississippi State and Vanderbilt have finally "arrived" in the SEC yet, or the two programs will be lost in the woods as usual. (Team Speed Kills)

A Few Small Repairs.
Orlando announces plans to renovate the Citrus Bowl in time to bid for the proposed post-BCS championship game. (The Miami Herald)

Black Heart Old Pants: Is this Iowa's 2012 retro uni?

The location: an anonymous Iowa licensed merchandise retailer. The item in question: a decapitated mannequin featuring what is apparently the alternate "retro" uniform Iowa will wear in its home opener against Iowa State on Sept. 8. This iteration of "Black Heart Old Pants" from Nike is set to honor the Hawkeye team from 1921-22.

The remarkable thing about these recreations of unis of the early 20th century seen in college football and the NFL is how the jerseys of the time had more of a sense of design when compared to the jerseys of the mid-to-late century period. By then, jerseys were uniformly monochrome with white/black numbers and limites styling on the sleves. The early jerseys can seem to have a sense of style and experimentation that even Uncle Phil's Misguided Children seem to have a hard time catching up to.

(via Kegs 'N Eggs, Black Heart Gold Pants)

Dancing in the Ruins: Charlie Weis, Bob Stoops, and more.

(Dancing in the Ruins is SWRT's look at the new Big XII Conference that's rising out of the ruins of the old one.)

What's in Charlie Weis' office?
Austin Meek provides a tour of first-year Kansas head football coach Charlie Weis' office, furnished with family pictures, an air mattress and an exercise machine. Exercise machine? Charlie Weis? (The Topeka Capital Journal)

Falling into place.
Meanwhile, Weis says he likes how the early part of the schedule of his first season at Kansas is setting up. The Jayhawks face South Dakota State (Sept. 1), Rice (Sept. 8), TCU (Sept. 15), Northern Illinois (Sept. 22), and Kansas State (Oct. 6). (The Kansas City Star)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 
Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops is glad to see the bowl system will remain in place in a potential college football playoff scheme. (The Oklahoman)

Cody wants a pony. He gets a profile instead.
Bring on the Cats profiles Kansas St. offensive lineman Cody Whitehair. (Bring on the Cats)

Fight for your right to broadcast. 
Several media groups are making a push to serve as the Teri 3 platform for West Virginia's media rights. (The Charleston Daily Mail)

What the heck is Charlie Weis wearing?

This picture of first-year Kansas head football coach Charlie Weis comes to us from The Lawrence-Journal World. Like any true disciple of Bill Belichick, he proudly wears the rather oversized hoodie. The most shocking thing about this image is what Weis is wearing below the waistline. (Well, that and where his right foot went. It's kind of conspicuous by its's absence there.)

What exactly is that covering Weis' lower body? Flares? Oversized jorts? (He was offensive coordinator at Florida last year, so it would make some sense there.)  Massively quadruple-XL sweatpants? Capri pants from the Classic Rafael Nadal collection? Seriously, those things are disturbing.

Look, I know this is supposed to be a more casual look for Weis, and coaches can't be expected to dress like Jim Tressel 24-7. But seriously, Weis knew there was a camera around. Couldn't he have picked out something that came out of the RocaWear catalog circa 1995? Those things are neither age, size, or gender appropriate.

Well, it could be worse. Kirk Herbstreit way-too-short shorts, anyone? 

(via The Lawrence-Journal World)

Big Tentacles: Urban Meyer on academics, Big Ten recruiting, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten, its sway over the college football landscape and that school in South Bend it not-so-secretly covets.)

Urban renewal. 
Tim May looks at first-year Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer's increased focus on the academic performance of Buckeye players. (The Columbus Dispatch via The Akron Beacon Journal)

Curtis Grant profile. 
Jim Naveau profiles Ohio St. linebacker Curtis Grant, who is expected to be a breakout performer for the Buckeyes in 2012. (The Lima News)

Ohio State will suck in 2012. 
Because Johnny Ginter said so. He may be only be partially joking here. (Eleven Warriors)

Back in Black.
Maize n Brew profiles Michigan defensive tackle Jibreel Black. (Maize n Brew)

Michigan State. recruiting news.
Pennsylvania high school rising senior wide receiver Jay Harris commits to Michigan State's 2013 recruiting class. (

Thank you, Sir. Can I have another?
Ohio HS rising senior WR Trey Kilgore commits to Michigan State's 2013 recruiting class. (

From a Husky to an Illini. 
Former Northern Illinois defensive back/kick returner Tommy Davis is transferring to Illinois. He's the cousin of former NFL player Peerless Price. (The Chicago Tribune)

Quiero eleison. 
New Jersey HS rising senior safety Kyle Queiro commits to Northwestern's 2013 recruiting class. (Lake the Posts)

Life of Brian.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern offensive guard Brian Mulroe. (Sippin' on Purple)

Ready to Start.
Iowa fullback Brad Rogers expresses his happiness with the start of Iowa's summer conditioning program. He was unable to participate in the program in 2011 due to medical issues. (The Quad City Times)

Pumped Up Kicks. 
Marc Morehouse profiles Iowa kicker Mike Meyer. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)

The Safety Dance. 
Patrick Vint looks at the Iowa depth chart at safety. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Unquiet on the Western Front: Arizona State, plus recruiting news from Cal and Boise State.

 (Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)

No Easy Way Out. 
Brad Denny comments on the lack of discipline on the field during Dennis Erickson's tenure as Arizona State head football coach, and the tough task first year Todd Graham has in front of him to fix the problem in 2012. Translation: it's going to take more than banning baseball caps in the Carson Student-Athlete Center to solve the Sun Devil's issues. (House of Sparky)

Cal recruiting news. 
California high school rising senior tight end Ray Hudson commits to Cal's 2013 recruiting class. (California Golden Blogs)

Austin City Limits.
California HS rising senior wideout Jack Austin commits to Boise State's 2013 recruiting class. (The Idaho Press Tribune)

The weight of the world. 
Kevan Lee looks at the Boise St. roster to see which players have gained and lost the most weight during the offseason. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Boise St. player profile of the day.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise St. offensive lineman Rees Odhiambo. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Todd Graham wants legacy of Pat Tillman to serve as role model for Arizona State players.

Pat Tillman in his days at Arizona State.
Since his hire as Arizona State head football coach last year, Todd Graham has sought to instill a greater level of discipline in the Sun Devil program. In a recent interview, Graham expressed his desire to use the memory of the late ASU legend Pat Tillman to serve as a role model for the team.

Tillman gave up a career in the NFL to join the Army after the events of September 11,2001. He was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2004.

"I believe in passion, man," Graham said. "You can't fake it. Your players will know if you do. Pat was passionate, and he wasn't single-minded. He was passionate about a lot of things. Anything he did he did with passion. Whether it be academics, whether it be anything. And I like that he also had flaws. He made mistakes; he owned up to them. He was a man's man. So the ideals that we're trying to teach to our players, he really is the one person who exemplifies all those things. On the field. In the classroom. In the community. He was just an unbelievable giver."

Graham has reached out to the Tillman family to make sure Pat's memory is respected properly by the program. He plans to have the team participate in next year's Pat's Run, an 4.2 mile run sponsored by the Pat Tillman Foundation, which raises scholarship money for veterans to continue their education in college. 

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Derek Dooley, Texas A&M recruiting, conference expansion fallout, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

I Will Not Go Quietly.
Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley is going to fight to keep himself out of the Hot Seat. (CBS Sports)

Four Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. 
Lance Davis declares that Florida's first four games of the season (Bowling Green, @Texas A&M, @Tennessee, Kentucky) "will set the tone" for 2012. Well, they usually do, don't they. (Alligator Army)

 Kyrion Wayward Son.
Texas high school rising senior wide receiver Kyrion Parker, who had decommitted from LSU, has now committed to Texas A&M's 2013 recruiting class. (The Shreveport Times)

I'll take "Things that give you a headache if you think about them for too long" for $1,000, Alex."
Scott Rabalais dives into the geography challenged SEC cross-division rivalries. (The Baton Rouge Advocate)

I've got a little list. I've got a little list. 
Jon Solomon lists the SEC's "top 10 scheduling quirks in 2012." Georgia managing to avoid playing Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas for the second year in a row tops the list. (The Birmingham News)

Roll With the Changes. 
David Paschall talks to former Georgia HC Vince Dooley and current Georgia athletic director Greg McgGarity about the shift of the Dawgs' game against SEC East rival South Carolina from the traditional second week of the season to Oct. 6 this season. Yes, SEC expansion is to blame, as Missouri takes the Gamecocks' traditional spot on the UGA schedule. (The Chattanooga Times-Free Press)

Thank you, Sir. Can I have another? 
Senator Blutarsky gives his list of areas that Georgia needs to improve on in 2012. (Get the Picture)

When life hands you a Lemonier...
The Gainesville Sun names Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier as the 23rd top player in the SEC. (The Gainesville Sun)

On a related front...
The Gainesville Sun names South Carolina DE Devin Taylor as the 22nd top player in the SEC. (The Gainesville Sun)

What? You mean they're not done yet?
The Gainesville Sun's list of the top 25 SEC games of 2012 ranks Mississippi State's Oct. 27 road game against Alabama at 23. (The Gainesville Sun)

 A game of chicken.
The Gainesville Sun's ranks the Aug. 31 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game matchup between Tennessee and North Carolina State at no. 22 on its list of the SEC's top 25 games of 2012. (The Gainesville Sun)

This is the Day.
Brandon Marcello profiles Mississippi State center Dillon Day. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

The month of Junen.
Hugh Kellenberger profiles Ole Miss offensive lineman Patrick Junen. (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)