Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unquiet on the Western Front: oregon, Arizona, and...The Boise State Avengers?

 (Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)

The high cost of winning. 
It cost the University of Oregon $1,599,307 to send the Ducks (along with around 500 other persons related to the program) to the 2012 Rose Bowl. (UWire)

Turf Wars.
Kyle Kensing looks at the debate surrounding the possible switch in Arizona Stadium from grass to artificial turf. (Arizona Desert Swarm)

Broncos Assemble!
One Bronco Nation Under God does the "If the Boise State football team were the Avengers." Actually, Chris Petersen does kind of look like Nick Fury now that i think of it (the one in the comics, not Samuel L. Jackson). (One Bronco Nation Under God)

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