Monday, May 14, 2012

Some suggestions for the ESPN College GameDay trip to Texas A&M

Texas A&M has won the online poll to have an ESPN College GameDay promo filmed on its campus. Naturally, it would be hoped that the promo would feature come of the Aggie flavor from filming in College Station. Here are a few suggestions on what Kirk Herbstreit and crew can do in the Aggie-centric promo:

  • Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, and Desmond Howard all get "Fish haircuts." 
  • The Gameday crew looks bemused as Aggie students in the background start shouting "SEC! SEC! SEC!" 
  • The GameDay crew holds a Midnight Yell Practice-like show rehearsal.
  •  Fowler sets mean looks from students when he says "Hello," instead of "Howdy." 
  • Edin Andrews is distraught when learning the Taco casserole she's eating has "Taco Meat" in it.
  • While the group, dressed in casual attire is undergoing an inspection by a Corps of Cadets member, Herbstreit is chewed out for his way too-short shorts.  
  • A distraught Lee Corso learns that he won't be able to wear the Aggie mascot's head, since Texas A&M doesn't have a costumed mascot.
  •  David Pollock refuses to walk Reveille VIII, as she's a collie and not a bulldog. 
  •  Fowler, Howard, Herbstreit, and Corso in male cheerleader Yell Leader uniforms. Nuff said. 

(via Lost Lettermen)

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