Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pat Fitzgerald and Tim Beckman try to act like Northwestern-Illinois rivalry is relevant.

Top: Tim Beckman Bottom: Pat Fitzgerald.
Oh, how cute! Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald and First-year Illinois HC Tim Beckman are acting like the Wildcat and Fighting Illini have an actual rivalry worth making a fuss over.

"Fitzgerald called the Illini “that team from Champaign” during a Wrigley Field stop last week, and Beckman put up a sign in the Illini locker room of the Wildcat logo with a circular red cross-out sign."

Gee, you would think that Fitzgerald and Beckman were Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer. The way they were acting. Too bad when Illinois and Northwestern actually play at on Nov. 24, college football fans will be getting ready for Michigan and Ohio State.

(via The Chicago Tribune)

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