Saturday, May 26, 2012

Look out, Aaron Murray! Mark Richt is back on Twitter.

Guess who finally decided it was time to get back in the Twitter saddle again? Georgia head football coach Mark Richt, who hasn't tweeted since June 19, 2009

No reason has been given why Richt has finally decided to give the Twitterverse a second chance. Is it because he (or somebody somebody in the Butts-Meare Building) decided it might be a good idea to have him (or a ghost tweeter) make his account active again? Or was it because Richt decided it might be time to keep an eye on a certain quarterback (that you be you, Aaron Murray) who seems to have an issue of being in less-than-Coach-Richt-approved photos on Twitter. You know, like this one?

Or this one?

Or that photo of Murray, er, hunkering down on Spring Break that's a little graphic to show here?

Yeah, I think Murray's going to have to be a little more careful about those images he shares with the world.

(via The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)

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