Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dancing in the Ruins: FSU talk, Bob Stoops, Charlie Weis on Notre Dame, and more.

 (Dancing in the Ruins is SWRT's look at the new Big XII Conference that's rising out of the ruins of the old one.)

While you see a chance, take it.
Allen Kenney declares that the "Big 12 shouldn't let Seminoles slip through its fingers. (Blatant Homerism

'Cause now I'm stronger than yesterday. 
Texas head football coach Mack Brown says the talk of FSU joining the Big 12 shows that the conference isn't dead in the water like many claimed it would be after the departures of Texas A&M, and Missouri. ( The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)

He's just not that into you?
Even with all the talk about FSU possibly joining the Big 12, new conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby would rather put more conference realignment on hold for a while. (CBS Sports)

No More Mr. Nice Guy?
The suspensions of four Oklahoma players shows that Sooners' head football is serious about not  "giving out free rides anymore." (The Oklahoma Daily)

Learning from the past. 
First-year Kansas HC Charlie Weis explains what he learned as the former HC of Notre Dame. (ESPN)

And speaking of Notre Dame...
The talk of FSU jumping to the Big 12 bring up talk about whether or not Notre Dame should join the conference as well. (CSN Chicago)

Up the Down Staircase. 
Mark C. Moore looks at what the Big 12 would look like if college football had the relegation policies like English Premier League has. (Our Daily Bears)

I have to praise you like I should.
The Oklahoman remembers Jimmy Johnson's time as HC of Oklahoma State as the former college football and Dallas Cowboys coaching legend is elected to the College Football Hall of Fame. (The Oklahoman)

Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)
Wide Right and Natty Light tries to prove that the weirdness level in Iowa goes far beyond the dark, twisted landscape that is Black Heart Gold Pants. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) I'm not even going to try to explain this article. It just is. (Wide Right and Natty Light)

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