Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arkansas could have had Phil Fulmer as head coach if it had only asked.

Arkansas may have missed out on a chance of having a BCS championship-winning coach to replace the disgraced Bobby Petrino. Former Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer, who led the Volunteers to the first BCS championship, told Nashville station 104.7 The Zone that he would have taken the job if had been offered top him.

"That said, Fulmer’s coaching days may not be over. Rumored to have been in contact with Arkansas for a brief time following the dismissal of Bobby Petrino, Fulmer told 104.5 The Zone that he would have “jumped all over” the Razorbacks gig had it been offered to him.

Instead, it went to former assistant John L. Smith, who has agreed to a 10-month contract to guide the BCS-ready Razorbacks through the 2012 season. After that? Athletic director Jeff Long says all options will be evaluated, but one would have to believe Smith is a candidate already."

So Arkansas may have missed out on a newly minted College Football Hall of Fame former HC in favor of John L. Smith. Smart move, Hogs. It will be interesting to see what Arkansas does with this knowledge when the 2012 season is over.

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