Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arizona introduces new copper alternate helmet for 2012.

Arizona has added a new alternate helmet to for the 2012 college football season, and it's a true masterpiece. . In an e-mail sent out by school athletic director Greg Byrne, the copper-hued helmet is inspired by the Arizona state mining industry.

"Copper is not only associated with our great state's mining history, but it has influenced architectural design on campus, including our athletic facilities -- most notably the ring at the top of the McKale Center, and the future North End Zone Football Complex

"As such we embrace the idea that as the University of Arizona we will incorporate copper into a special helmet design to represent our state and University. Copper will not replace our traditional colors of red and blue, and the copper helmet will be worn on a limited basis."

Compared to other schools whose alternate helmets have landed entirely in the WTF Zone (Yes, Maryland, I'm talking to you), Arizona's copper helmet is a home run. It looks classic even though it's just been unveiled. It's not often that you get to sat that these days.

(via Dr. Saturday)

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