Friday, April 20, 2012

Woman stalked by crazed Washington State fans, and possibly Mike Leach.

The Washington State Cougar Athletic Fund has released a video for it's "Wave It" campaign (which is an obvious reference to that annoying Washington St. flag that shows up every week in the fall on ESPN College GameDay. (What, you thought they were talking about something else? Pervert!) In it, an unsuspecting woman is shamelessly stalked by crazed Cougar fans in their hideous Cougar gear. (And yes, a flag is involved). Cougar head football  coach Mike Leach makes a cameo appearance in the end.

 The purpose or making this poor woman's life a living hell? It looks like to promote membership in the CAF, along with one of those cliche rubber bracelets.

This clip may be the best argument for "Stand Your Ground" laws yet.

(via CougCenter)

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