Saturday, April 14, 2012

Welcome to the Fallout: Petrino-palooza, Pat Fitzgerald defends coaches, Andrew Luck's early life, and more.

(Welcome to the Fallout is the SWRT off-season weekend wrap-up of college football related news.)


Money for Nothing. 
Jessica Dorrell, the mistress ex-Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino hired on as Arkansas student-athlete development coordinator, has been put on paid leave. Worse, the two candidates she was hired over were much more qualified for the job. (Larry Brown Sports)

This just in...
Terrence Moore says Bobby Petrino and social media "don't mix." Thank you, Captain Obvious. (CNN)

Strike one name off the list (maybe). 
Baylor HC Art Briles not interested in Arkansas HC job. Because an unnamed source says so. (SB*Nation Dallas-Ft. Worth)

Here in the Real World...

In Praise of Coaching.
Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald defends the college football coaching profession in the wake of the Bobby Petrino, Joe Paterno, and Jim Tressel scandals. Well, somebody had to do it. (The South Bend Tribune)

I Knew You When.
Texas high school coaches share their reminisces about former Stanford Cardinal Andrew Luck's formative high school years playing seven-on-seven football. (ESPN)

Were one, but we're not the same. 
Not everybody in the Sooner Nation is happy with the return of Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones for his senior season. (The Oklahoman)

Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.
The press in Happy Valley are still trying to figure out new Penn State HC Bill O'Brien. (The Patriot-News)

Touring the facilities, and picking up slack. 
A visit to Oregon's state-of-the-art locker room. (The Post Game)

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