Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scenes from a pro-Bobby Petrino rally.

Supporters of embattled Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino held a rally Monday night at The Gardens, which is a popular tailgating site on the Arkansas campus. "Team Save Coach Petrino," as they called themselves, had originally expected a crowd of around of a thousand to show up. However, the rally ended drawing only around 200 supporters. Here's a sample of what the event looked like.

Someone decided to play the Jesus card at the rally. Nothing wrong with that.

Playing the Bill Clinton card in Arkansas? Color me shocked.

Yeah, he went there.


Something you would expect a brunette to say.

Is this all there is?

Calling the Hogs for Coach Petrino.  

What's that? You want YouTube footage? Of course you do. Here you go.

(via KOLR, Arkansas Sports 360, ESPN, The Deseret News, TMB)


Anonymous said...

He misspelled "inappropriate." Its one "n" not two. That's what an Arkansas education gets you.

Anonymous said...

If their goal was to make all of Arkansas look like drunken idiot redneck retards they are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

truly the end of civilization...um, what exactly are they supporting? do they honestly think the hogs won't "win some games" unless petrino is coaching? utterly ridiculous clowns..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know, I'm supposed to be outraged by the moral failings of a football coach. Sorry, but I'm not. Bobby Petrino appears to have cheated on his wife, and he will have to come to terms with that, with her and his family, hopefully outside the arena of public discourse. He lied about it, and if I were in his shoes, I would have been grasping for any story that might keep the walls from caving in on me. We have all been in situations where the truth was too inconvenient, and had to be sacrificed in order to maintain egos and appearances or livelihoods (maybe only some of us will admit it). We elect liars and cheats to the highest offices of government, they run Fortune 500 companies, newspapers and television networks, they represent us in court. We give them our consumer dollars and vote for them because they tell us what we want to hear, even though we know it is utter BS. Our culture rewards cheating, lying and thievery. My apologies for being cynical, but the fact is, we Razorback fans knew of Bobby Petrino’s propensity for fabrication when he was hired. His history is well documented. He was hired to win football games, and he has done that. Just remember that the same national and local media outlets who are so “outraged” by his latest moral failure chose to look the other way when his predecessor was implicated in a similar tryst with a local news caster. I was educated in Arkansas and I know what hypocrisy looks like, I can even spell it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your definition of inappropriate is innappropriate

Anonymous said...

Wow! If this had been a player, what would the NCAA do? Let's ask his wife about forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

There ain't no civilization to end in Arkansas, Dude.

Anonymous said...

This is a pattern with this scumbag. They say he just made a mistake. This dirtbag is a liar, cheater, leave'em in the middle of the night kind of guy. Fire the liar and go hire a real person, or should I say coach. He's been acting this way his whole life and once again got caught with his pants down. What a coward. I can't believe these morons want to keep him because he wins football games. Boy, that really says alot about them and the quality of people they are. Wake up idiots.