Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Petrino-palooza rolls on.

Petrino-palooza rolls on unabated, and everybody and his dog want to chime in about it. Not that they have very much original to say, mind you. That's never stopped anyone else in the past, though.

 The devil is in the details.
The Arkansas State Police release more details of Bobby Petrino''s motorcycle accident. (The Arkansas Times)

In the clear.
The Arkansas State Police also clear the officer who escorted Petrino to the hospital after the accident of any wrongdoing in the handling of the whole torrid incident. (Dr. Saturday)

Highway 16 Revisited.
Friends of the Program takes a look at Arkansas' latest tourist attraction, the scene of Petrino's motorcycle accident on Highway 16, which is "25 miles East of Fayetteville". (Friends of the Program)

Just win, baby.
Mike Lopresti asks if Petrino's success on the field as Arkansas HC will save his job. The answer: mabye. That's really going out on a limb there, Mike. (USA Today)

 The Long Run. 
The decision to keep or fire Petrino is all in the hands of Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long. Because Harry King said so. (The Arkansas News)

Truth or Consequences?
Jeff Long shoud fire Petrino to make a statement about the consequences of lying. Because David Steele said so. (The Sporting News)

Money for Nothing.
Forbes looks at the economic reasons why Arkansas should keep Petrino on the payroll as its head football coach. Of course it does. (Forbes)

Greg Doyel also looks at the economic reasons why firing Petrino wouldn't be in Arkansas' best interest. (CBS Sports)

Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.
DJ Galio tries to give Petrino-palooza a positive spin with possible benefits that might come out of the scandal. Yes, this is a piece of sarcasm. (ESPN)

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