Monday, April 23, 2012

Ole Miss honors Eli Manning with a 10 MPH speed limit.

How do you honor a former Ole Miss quarterback who went on to win two Super Bowls? You do it in the dorkiest way possible, apparently. Ole Miss has decided to pay tribute to former Rebel and current Super Bowl champion New York Giants QB Eli Manning by lowering the speed limit on Manning Way (named in honor  Eli's dad, Ole Miss legend Archie Manning) from 18 MPH to 10 MPH (10 has been Eli's number both as a Rebel and as a Giant, 18 was Archie's number).

One would have to wonder if Ole Miss could have come up with a more tactful way to honor the younger Manning without having to resort to a level of quirkiness that rivals anything college football has to offer.

(via Lost Lettermen)

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