Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kevin Sumlin really wants you to know Texas A&M is in the SEC.

New Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin is making sure people in the Lone Star state and beyond get the message about the Aggies being one of the newest members of the SEC. That includes "branding and rebranding" everything he can find in College Station with Texas A&M and SEC logos within an inch of its life . This includes the windscreens surrounding the Texas A&M practice field, which are now maroon and emblazoned with the "Home of the 12th Man"  mantra in white, along with an SEC logo to boot.

“You wouldn’t believe what that looked like when we got here,” Sumlin said. “The windscreens around the field were green. It was just a bag around there. Something that simple just dressed up the place like that. It’s branding. It’s messaging.” 
It's probably a good thing for Aggieland that Sumlin doesn't take this branding thing literally. He might have his way and make the members of the Corps of Cadets all get the Texas A&M logo burned into their flesh with the hottest branding iron the law will allow. Then again, this being the Aggies, they might actually enjoy that.

(via ESPN)

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