Monday, April 9, 2012

Florida OC Brent Pease is using "Jedi mind tricks" on offense. Don't tell Will Muschamp.

Brent Pease
New Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease has been busy trying a resurrect an offense left in tatters by his predecessor (and current Kansas head football coach, Charlie Weis. Part of this involves installing the kind of fast-paced offense he used as OC at Boise State. If hasn't been easy for Florida players to keep up with.

“It’s like a Jedi mind trick at first,” linebacker Mike Taylor said. “You’ve got to be mentally prepared.”

"Jedi mind trick?" Up oh!  Pease's boss, Florida head coach Will Muschamp, might not like that too much. It's a known fact that Muschamp isn't quite down with Star Wars, much less Star Wars lingo. He was quite annoyed last year when his relationship with Alabama HC Nick Saban as a "master vs. padawan thing."

"Excuse the Star Wars reference, but you kind of have a master vs. padawan thing going on between you and Nick (Saban)," the reporter asked.

"What's a padawan?" Muschamp replies.

Muschamp: Haaa?

Reporter: You guys ...

Muschamp: I watched Star Wars I and after that I watched "The Empire Strikes Back" and I ain't seen nothing after that.

Reporter: Well, uh ...

Muschamp: I don't know what a padawan is. You didn't call me a bad name, did you? I don't speak French either.

Reporter: You guys have a kind of master vs. student kind of thing going on. Is there any sentiment in that? I'm sure you learned a lot from Nick Saban.

Muschamp: Sure

Reporter: Can you talk a little bit about the sentiment of what your mindset is ...

Muschamp: My mindset's to do a great job for the Univerisity of Florida on Saturday."

As long as Pease's offense works and restores Florida to its proper place in the SEC (Georgia fans with memories that go back before 1989 notwithstanding), Muschamp probably won't mind how the Gator offense is described. Though if Pease ever succumbs to the Dark Side and turns on his master, things might get tricky.

(via The Independent Florida Alligator, Dr. Saturday)

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