Monday, April 9, 2012

Dancing in the Ruins: Charlie Weis fights bad grades, Landry Jones' backup, and more.

(Dancing in the Ruins is SWRT's look at the Big XII Conference. Or at least what's left of it.)

When something's broke, I wanna put a bit of fixin' on it. 
New Kansas head football coach is working to improving the grades of Jayhawk players, whom collectively are reported to have made 50 F's in classes. (The Lawrence Journal-World

Busted Stuff.
Weis will also be needing to deal with Kansas running back James Sims, who was arrested Sunday DUI. (The Kansas City Star)

The toll of the Bell.
Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones could see his passing stats take a hit in 2012 thanks to the emergence of backup QB Blake Bell, who was successfully used in red zone situations in 2011. (The Oklahoman)

We were merely freshmen.
Chip Brown profiles Texas incoming freshmen kickers Nick Jordan and Nick rose, who could possibly make an impact in the Longhorns' chances for success in 2012. (

A "developing" story at Iowa State.  
Andrew Logue profiles Iowa State defensive end. David Irving, described as slowing developing into the prototypical RB that his 6'7, 262-pound frame would make him appear to be. (The Des Moines Register)

Kansas State expanding its horizons. 
Kansas State will hold the groundbreaking for the $75 million-dollar expansion of Snyder Family Stadium during the Wildcats' Apr. 28 spring game. (The Kansas City Star)

Coaching by committee. 
Oklahoma State is going with a "coaching by committee" approach when it comes to special teams. (The Oklahoman)

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