Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bobby Petrino sent text messages to "Miss Bikini USA."

Alison Melder, you can guess where the image is from.
Just when you think Bobby Petrino's Worst Week Ever couldn't get any worse, along comes AJ Daulero's busy little minions as Deadspin to make it just that even worse for the ex-Arkansas head football coach. The website got their grubby hands on Petrino's phone records and discovered 200-plus messages with a certain Ms. Alison Melder, described as both "a senate assistant with the Republican Party of Arkansas" and a "winner of the 2008 Miss Bikini USA and Miss Motorcycle Mania competitions."

"It's not clear what Melder's connection to Petrino is. His voter registration shows he's not officially affiliated with any party, and there's no record of any campaign contributions. We've reached out to Melder and we'll update if we hear back."

It's obvious why Petrino would be interested in a former "Miss Motorcycle Mama." The level of irony on this one definitely goes to an eleven.

(via Deadspin, International Busines Times)

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