Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to the Fallout (Special weekday edition): Urban Meyer, Kenneth Starr, and Bear Bryant.

(Note: This special weekday edition of Welcome to the Fallout is due to some personal coming up today.)

A Sort of Homecoming.
Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer, in Salt Lake City for a speaking engagement, talked to The Deseret News about his coaching days at Utah. He isn't looking forward to possibly facing against Utah in the future as a part of the Big Ten and Pac-12's scheduling partnership, because his successor, Kyle Whittingham "is a great coach." (The Deseret News)

The Starr Chamber.
Dennis Dodd looks at Baylor president Kenneth Starr's involvement in the meteoric rise of the Bears' athletic program in the past several years. Yes, it's the same Kenneth Starr who was investigated Pres. Bill Clinton's involvement in the Whitewater scandal and Monica  Lewinsky affair. (CBS Sports)

That awkward moment when Bear Bryant meets Furman Bisher in Heaven.
Yep, somebody just had to bring up the whole Bear Bryant/Wally Butts/Saturday Evening Post thing that the late Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist was somewhat involved in.  (SB*Nation)

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