Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stephen Garcia opens up about his dismissial from South Caroilina.

Former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia recently discussed the details behind his dismissal from the Gamecocks football program. Garcia had been suspended five times previously for various issues. The final incident that led to his dismissal involved his failing an alcohol test following the death of his grandfather and a loss to Auburn.

“I hate to use that as an excuse, but it was pretty rough. It was a tough few days, a tough week and then on top of it we lose. It was just a culmination of things that ultimately led to a poor judgment choice.” Garcia said.

Garcia was informed by AD Eric Hyman and a team doctor that he had failed an alcohol screening and that he was being dismissed from the program. As part of a mandated behavioral agreement between Garcia and the university, he was barred from consuming alcohol.

“When I got called for the test and had to go in there, I was honestly kind of surprised. I was like ‘are we still doing this? … I just thought to myself, ‘man this is not going to be good.’ Later on in the week, I got the call to meet with the A.D. (Hyman) and he told me that I wasn’t part of the team, or whatever else he said, I honestly just kind of blacked out as he was talking. I just couldn’t believe that my career at South Carolina was over. After everything that I’ve been through and everything that I’ve done, that was it. It was so bad the way it ended.” Garcia said."

Garcia also discussed his relationship with South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier.

 “Obviously we had our head-butts during my five-years; most of it was deserved by me” says Garcia. “It was more about the little things; the clean-shaved face, if I didn’t wear a collared shirt and shoes to class, he would get upset with me… I wish I would have just been a little bit more mature and maybe said, you know coach, maybe you’re right. I think my career at South Carolina would have ended a lot differently.”

Garcia is currently preparing for a shot at being selected in the 2012 NFL Draft.

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