Friday, March 2, 2012

Missouri adds Syracuse to 2012 schedule.

Missouri fans are headed for an orange crush in November. It's been announced that the school has added Syracuse to its 2012 college football schedule. The newest SEC member will face the Orange at home in Columbia on Nov. 17. By that time the Tigers will have gotten sick and tired of the color orange, as the they face their new SEC East division "neighbors" Tennessee and Florida in the preceding two weeks.

Then again, this is a school who has played against Texas and Oklahoma State in the Big 12. But Texas burnt orange and Oklahoma St. Halloween orange are nothing like the hideousness of bright Florida orange or Tennessee frosted orange. At least they won't have to face the full SEC orange crush like Georgia, which gets the additional pleasure of facing Auburn every year as its Western conference rival.

Welcome to the SEC, Mizzou. Hope you survive the experience.
(Via ESPN)

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